Multi City introduction of the property market regulation policy experts purchase or continue to exi

Multi City introduction of the property market regulation and control policy experts: purchase or continue to exist [Abstract] from September 30th to the present, the introduction of a number of urban real estate regulatory policy intensive. Overall, the core content of the regulation of city to purchase credit limit based CNR net Beijing on October 7th news (reporter Liu Fei Li Jia) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that the eleven holiday, someone joked, like waiting for the Nobel prize, where every day in the forecast will be the introduction of real estate city under a new regulation. Yesterday (6) evening, and join the ranks of the tight control of city. Fuzhou, Dongguan from today (7) from the implementation of the purchase of commercial housing policy. Guangdong, Huizhou issued a document that should be done to stabilize the stability of housing prices, due to the implementation of policy, classification management. From September 30th to the present, the introduction of a number of urban real estate regulatory policies. Overall, the core content of the city’s control are limited to the purchase of credit based. In the traditional real estate season "golden nine silver ten" period, the regulation of the wind can cool to array a market? Where will the wind blow in that direction? This "eleven" holiday, Ningbo Ms. Chen to Hangzhou showings, want to study in Hangzhou children to buy a house, she looked at a new site located in Hangzhou road and the intersection of the two island, but the introduction of some time ago because the Hangzhou credit limit restriction policy, she worried that she can not apply for loans. Ms Chan said that the loan may not be able to put it down, it is limited to the purchase of credit limit, if the loan does not come down, then do not buy. The evening of September 18th, the introduction of restriction policy Hangzhou, many clients overnight emergency signed in late September 27th, the Hangzhou property market regulation overweight, since 28, two sets of loans and provident fund policy adjust, signed once again staged a one-day emergency overnight, second-hand housing over 2000 units, second times a month to refresh the historical record of the highest single day turnover. At that time, before the implementation of regulatory measures, people lined up to sign. This time, from the beginning of September 30th, a lot of people are still queuing in the highway and attractions, a number of cities in the real estate regulatory policies announced. As of press time reporter, this round of regulation of the real estate market on the list, there are nearly 20 cities. For example, this round of Hefei restriction and other new policies from October 2nd onwards. The second day in the morning, Hefei, a real estate marketing center is not deserted. However, in Hefei, a real estate manager Zang Shijie said that at present, after the introduction of the new deal, just to be part of a group of buyers who have already started to see. Zang Shijie said: "the policy he would consider housing prices will not drop a little, even if he does not rise up, selective will a little, he began to see, are waiting to see if the house, will be difficult to sell a little, the volume will decrease, the more difficult it is to sell what people will not buy." However, from the view of the short-term impact of the purchase of credit limit, limit "and other measures, E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin pointed out that in the short term or some panic buyers demand the release of. He said that these policies are mainly reflected in the commercial bank loans and some housing transactions. Then, for example, whether the tax department will also be introduced (regulatory measures) is also worthy of attention. In other words, the policy may be persistent.相关的主题文章: