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Moderate exercise for health and longevity! Sohu health author: Tang Miaoxin Author: Tang Miaoxin, North China Electric Power Design Institute senior engineer ";" Beijing sugar sugar control association "stars" and "outstanding volunteer"; Beijing chronic disease management in Dongcheng District "healthy star". In order to make full use of non drug therapy, and strive to eat less medicine, in addition to my knowledge of learning, experimental psychology, diet, exercise every day moderate exercise therapy. Through continuous learning and testing, efforts to improve the appropriate exercise therapy, long-term adherence. In 1998 my blood glucose, blood lipid and blood pressure are achieved in the Asia Pacific region, the ideal diabetes control good level, then my diabetes and concurrent symptoms disappeared, usually cold and inflammation were few, resistance and immunity significantly improved, especially the tolerance also increased, sometimes you need to burn the midnight oil to work overtime, blood sugar do not exceed the standard, on a business trip or travel, postprandial blood glucose can be maintained at 7~8mmol L level, other indicators are at a good level. The doctor said I just keep control at this level, no recurrence cerebral infarction, other complications is not aggravated. Also can prevent cancer, life must keep in mind that life is movement, movement of life, more than just in different situations to be moderate. The following account of my learning experience and experimental therapy of moderate exercise: 1, according to appropriate arrangements because I do not have what sports expertise, even did not learn from swimming, the home area is not busy at work, business, work is busy doing housework, sometimes traveling abroad, I would choose motion by foot, according to the site the place go back and forth, or place dance, yangko dance, walk and walk with tourist hiking and so on, such as the site on the proper use of sports equipment, equipment to other parts of the body muscles also moderate exercise. According to the work and life changes, time for moderate exercise every day, all play a role in the exercise therapy every day, help me adjust blood glucose and blood lipid, continue to make sure my index for good, at or close to the ideal level. 2, time and quantity, because I insist monitoring of moderate exercise therapy key services in the prevention of diabetes and its complications, and strive to ensure compliance in good, the ideal level of the index, so I test the moderate exercise therapy should adhere to and adhere to regular quantitative monitoring, continuous the mode of exercise, exercise effect, continuous research and improvement the effect, gradually improved, and no adverse effect. Since the postprandial blood sugar will gradually rise, so I chose to take a rest after 30~40 minutes of exercise. 1989 found good effect on long-term adherence. 3, step by step, held in 1989, I began to test every day after dinner exercise once every 30~40 minutes. After the discovery of the effect, in 1993 for the time to go to work at that time, I also test breakfast, dinner two times a day after the exercise, found that the effect has improved, the control of the allegations and improved. After retiring in 1996, I was given a three day (after breakfast, after dinner, after dinner) to walk on a daily basis,.相关的主题文章: