Ministry of Commerce this year, a total of 11 double net turnover exceeded $180 billion – Sohu

Department of Commerce: this year 11 full net turnover exceeded 180 billion yuan for the recent EU science and technology Sohu Chinese investment frequently accused the deterioration of the environment, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Sun Jiwen said yesterday that the foreign investment environment in China is good or bad, and ultimately by the market and the enterprise have the final say. According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, from 1 to 2016 in October, the EU’s actual investment in the amount of foreign investment in China amounted to RMB 53 billion 470 million yuan, an increase of 41.5%, much higher than the actual use of foreign investment in the same period last year, the growth rate of 4.2%. Sun Jiwen said at a news conference at the Ministry of Commerce, foreign investment environment in China is good or bad, in the end, the market and the enterprise is the final say. These data reflect the true attitude of the vast majority of EU companies to China’s investment environment. He analyzed the characteristics of this group are: capital and technology intensive projects; the rapid growth of investment, industry wide distribution, especially the manufacturing industry and service industry; substantial growth in EU investment in China more than half of the 28 EU countries accumulated investment in China set up 42657 companies, the actual amount of foreign investment amounted to 913 billion 760 million yuan, accounting for Chinese foreign investment (actual investment amount) the proportion of 7.3%. This year "double 11" of the situation, Sun Jiwen said, went into the eighth year of "double 11", has not only China electricity market the most important annual promotion, for the foreign merchants and offline businesses to provide business opportunities, has developed into a festival of experiential shopping shopping, entertainment and culture in a body. According to third party monitoring statistics, in 2016, the double 11 total net turnover has exceeded 180 billion yuan, and then high. According to reports, compared to previous years, this year, double 11 presents three new features. First, more diverse businesses involved. Electronic business platform to participate in the fierce competition differentiation. Traditional industries have joined the line shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as telecommunications, aviation, hotels, restaurants and other services are also involved in varying degrees. Buyers and sellers to further globalization, "double 11" period, from 235 countries and regions worldwide consumers through the China shopping business platform, many well-known business in Europe and the United States also launched promotional activities will "double 11" development into a global shopping festival, continuously enhance the influence. Two is the online platform pull line experience. Three is a hot spot of consumption reflects the economic transformation and upgrading. Household appliances, communications brand sales accounted for an increase in green and healthy goods selling, high-end imports of goods brands occupy the forefront of sales rankings. Three lines below the city and the countryside has become a new driving force of consumption, the more popular rural online shopping, urban and rural residents to further enhance consumer spending.相关的主题文章: