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Millet new rice cooker is less than 400, the Steamed Rice steamed out of 3000 flavors – Sohu technology millet grocery store recently launched new Yi double Ruo – IH intelligent electric cooker. To know the last issue of rice cooker or in March this year, but also exported to japan. Sold to 1600 yuan (it is only sold in the country), this wave is still very much of the ~ ~ how about the electric rice cooker this time, how about it? (999) in If we look at very junlai. The minimalist design before m home IH rice cooker continued, yen value than the other circular electric cooker is much higher. A removable cover, cleaning up is also very convenient. The operation panel on the explicit Tibetan LED interactive panel display it only when you need. This rice cooker adopts the electromagnetic heating around, electromagnetic response through the coil and the liner, let the inner alchemy self heating, strong firepower at the same time also to ensure uniform heating. Intelligent taste control technology, can be made for different tastes of rice. The chamber uses 3mm thick autoclave liner, with gold powder coating, thermal conductivity is guaranteed at the same time also has the very good abrasion resistance, and non stick pan! Since it is a smart rice cooker, it must be able to use the phone APP. APP function is very powerful, but also to enable the realization of low temperature molecular cooking, cooking, cooking, etc.. Can also provide more than 3000 kinds of cooking rice program and more than 200 kinds of recipes. But also in the cooking of automatic push to remind, what time, what time to put spices off the fire will help you do just perfect. This rice cooker rice home has started selling in the double 11 Festival hand chop. Since the sale of 11, the price of natural justice, priced at $399. But also with a spoon to support oh. —————–END——————- play above NB not? Things looked envious? You can play for free, WeChat public number "fruit net", or "fruit" search and download App, go ~ 100 thousand God share toys experience, accumulated poison 10 million straight fag hag.相关的主题文章: