Microsoft and Oregon University of Health Sciences, the use of artificial intelligence to help cance dxperience

Microsoft cooperation with Oregon health and Science University, could help doctors analyze clinical data by using the Watson Oncology system of artificial intelligence to help cancer treatment – Sohu IBM technology development, for the patient to formulate individualized treatment plan; Google’s DeepMind company has a medical department, is currently working with the British government medical service departments, research on computer can find early vision degradation, prevent blindness…… The two giants fall over each other, Microsoft also refused to yield. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has developed a "cancer academic digest" published annually by the machine learning project Hanover, the designer Hoifung Poon is currently working with Knight Cancer Institute researchers at Oregon Health & Science University cooperation, to seek effective drugs for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, the prediction of drug efficacy by Hanover system patient, and personalized treatment for the disease. As we all know, cancer is caused by a mutation, so the discovery of mutations in the development of specific genes to help a great deal, the patient survival rate will be greatly improved. 2015 research data show that there are more than eight hundred kinds of cancer related drugs and vaccines are ongoing clinical trials. The speed of gene sequencing and the decline in costs have contributed greatly to the study, which means that more cancer patients have access to detailed information about their condition. "All of this is exciting, but we are also facing new challenges: how to deal with the data," said Jeff Tyner, a researcher at the Knight Institute for cancer research In order to solve this problem, as biologists, we decided to work with information scientists and computing technology workers. The integration of transboundary resources can help us to find better treatments with less side effects." Poon said that machine learning techniques can automatically analyze the data in research and clinical trials, imaging diagnosis report, electronic medical records, of cancer research will be more and more help. The Hanover project is designed to help doctors better grasp the information, effective consultation for patients.相关的主题文章: