Men participated in the bragging conference drunk show off 10 years ago was arrested

Men brag Congress 10 years ago killed a man drunk off caught the original title: 10 years ago, a man drunk for murder, 10 years after being caught in vino Veritas the Guangzhou Daily reporter Liu Manyuan 10 years ago, thirty years (January 28, 2006) evening, the suspect Zhu (45 years old) and Dongmou (26 after years) in an alley when walking, and a man of some ancient (Guizhou 42,) had a quarrel, two people in a knife attack, the ancient stabbing fled. 10 years later, at home with friends in vino Veritas, boasts 10 years ago in Dongguan, a knife to kill others, since the police still can not solve the case, so he and another suspect Dongmou still live free. But Zhu did not think that this sentence is his drunken mantra, let the police get clues. In October this year, the police successfully ran for more than 10 years of criminal suspects and arrested Zhu Dong, a comfort to the deceased old. Currently, the case is being further processed. The masses more than 10 years of silence, solved the murder charge of the case according to Yang Jingguan said, in April this year, Sha Tin Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses, in a friend in Hunan County of Cili Zhu in 2006, Zhu claimed to drink, together with others to kill a road in Dongguan, Sha tin. So far, the police still did not solve the case, for which he and another suspect Dongmou still live freely. Given this clue, Sha Tin Public Security Bureau very seriously, immediately dispatched elite police task force set up this clues Mopai, verification. After 5 months of investigation task force police, and finally determine the facts of the crime and the suspect’s movements. After that, the task force police rushed to Hunan, Cili, in support of the local public security organs, in October 11th this year, the suspect successfully captured zhu. And the other suspects in the public security organs Dongmou powerful offensive deterrent under arrest, on the same day evening to surrender to the public security organs. So far, this case still more than 10 years of murder finally solved. 10 years ago the attack killed a drunken passerby according to the suspect Zhu, Dongmou account, January 28, 2006, that on the thirty night, the two suspects and a bunch of friends after drinking, ready to back home, to the town road and Sha Tin cross 100 alley, and the ancient one accidentally collided. The two sides triggered a quarrel caused by the collision, and then fight up. During the period, Dongmou knife after the man was stabbed to death, immediately fled back to hometown. After returning home, they were worried about their own attack. And since then, did not dare to return to Dongguan. After that, year after year, the police have not been able to solve the case. To this end, let them go unpunished. At a friend’s party, when he was drunk, hear friends boast very capable, he put himself in 2006 killed a passer-by in Dongguan since the police failed to Sha Tin, cracked the case to show off their. However, he did not expect that, because his show off, to provide clues to the police, and finally he and another suspect to justice. Because of the small collision caused the murder of the police had not stopped the investigation for the case, Sha Tin Public Security Bureau police said, because the case occurred in the year thirty.相关的主题文章: