Media comment on the case of Jia Jinglong to return to the details of the facts bleep

Media comment on the case of Jia Jinglong: to return to the details of the facts – why the case of the new China to the case of Jia Jinglong, to a large extent, perhaps because of the lack of a timely and effective relief channels for the lack of. If the case is to be just, the effective legal relief with universal significance should be accelerated. Newspaper commentator Hao Jun October 2016, the Supreme People’s court approved the crime of intentional homicide, the defendant Jia Jinglong death penalty. For a time, some scholars and the social from all walks of life There were many discussions. The lawyer called, "spare the life". Yesterday, the Xinhua News Agency published reports, this topic is heating up again. As with other public events, the public opinion about Jia Jinglong’s life or death is also diversified. Some people want to use the case of Jia Jinglong to promote China to abolish the death penalty, but in China still retains the death penalty, the case can not bear the abolition of the death penalty mission. Starting from the humanitarian appeal to the Supreme Court "is of great significance to spare the life", Jia Jinglong is not. It was also criticized by Jia Jinglong case selective application of the death penalty, and regarded it as the biggest injustice. Because the death penalty applies only to a handful of criminals who have committed extremely serious crimes, and how to understand the "extremely serious crime", in different contexts. Jia Jinglong can be exempted from the death penalty, in fact also need details for repeated review — Jia Jinglong called for the death tax, surrender is an important motivation. Just do not know whether such a dispute can be screened by the proceedings. Whether it is an expert or Internet users, provided by the public opinion is just a clue, even if the court does have errors, but also by the court to correct their own. Jia Jinglong case seems to be suspended in the air, where to go, only strictly based on the law and facts. The outcome of this case, the author cannot prejudge. But how to prevent the next Jia Jinglong case, but it is an urgent topic outside the results of the case. Why Jia Jinglong went to the case of Jia Jinglong, to a large extent, perhaps because of a timely and effective channels of legal relief. Jia Jinglong did not start on the murder. In the face of his house demolitions, he also tried to resist, but failed. Even his house demolitions, he also served on the relief system have great expectations, but the legal weapon in the anti demolition does not seem easy to use. There is no legal support for a director of the village became the demolitions, which is in some places very strange reality. If there is a legitimate demolition of the main body, complied with the legal minimum procedures, similar to the bloody tragedy is unlikely to happen. For Jia Jinglong, the disadvantage is that the demolition of the agreement to take the premise. Jia Jinglong’s father, Jia Tongqing, signed the agreement There are claims that the agreement is to be achieved in the village by some disguised coercion. But according to a judgment issued by the financial room book receipt north high camp community residents’ committee, the first set of more than and 130 square meters of the house Jia Tongqing share should pay 1629 148333 yuan, paid 60000 yuan, owed 88333 yuan, second sets of more than and 110 square meters of the house should pay 1629 21958 yuan, a total of two sets of buildings should pay 170291 yuan because of, have to pay 60000 yuan, it should be version相关的主题文章: