Man suspected of 9 year old wife had an affair to cut his nose can be said to be together forever-nibbuns

Man suspected of 9 year old wife has an affair to cut his nose can be said to be together forever – what is the love between husband and wife? Many people will answer: tolerance and mutual understanding, but there are a few people can do? In Wenling, a man was in a quarrel, scraping eyebrow knife cut his wife’s nose. Yesterday, the Wenling court heard the case publicly, more than 80 women on behalf of the audit. From Hunan Xiangxi Rong, 42 year old, small flat, relatively strong. His wife Lee is 9 years younger than him. Two people have been married for more than eight years. Usually because of life trivia, often quarrel, Rong will hit something, but also hit. The early morning of April 1, 2015, Rong because in welding, there are a lot of dead skin on the face, with Lee usually used for eyebrow shaving blades in cutting. Lee was lying in bed playing cell phone. Soon, two for the mobile phone and tolls happened quarrel, and suspected his wife was having an affair, Rong huff took a knife scraping eyebrow, nose toward Lee severely cut, Rong said: "let thy face. Don’t let others close to you, so I can always be with you the." See his wife shed a lot of blood, and some regret, and immediately dialed 120. After that, Lee’s family reported to the police. Rong fled, until May this year to surrender, and compensation for the Lee 180 thousand yuan, made his wife’s understanding. After identification, Lee suffered from nasal defect caused by external force of more than 30%, constitutes serious injury two. In the trial, Rong tears, forgive pray for his wife, "I just saw the wife circle of friends photos, family violence is not unilaterally make blind and disorderly conjectures…… But no matter what, I’m sorry, I hope you happy." But prosecutors believe that the case is atypical domestic violence, means brutal." The court did not in court for sentencing. Correspondent Li Jie newspaper reporter Chen Dong相关的主题文章: