Man grabbed 2 million gold buried underground police dug for 3 days to find aquaria

2 million men robbed gold digging underground police looking for 3 days yesterday (28 days) at 15 pm, Yantai village, Changle city Fujian River town a protective forest, the police finally found a month ago stolen gold, more than one million yuan was recovered, the case can be satisfactorily solved. The stolen gold recovery case review September 20th morning 7 when Changle Jiangtian three village, the "golden Baodi" gold and silver shop just opened the door, the owner will be a box full of gold jewelry boxes placed on the operating table, and pouring of Kung Fu, wearing a motorcycle helmet man suddenly rushed into the box after the walk, ride and run away. The owner said, the man stole the gold jewelry weighs more than 5 thousand grams, worth nearly 2 million yuan. The police removed 4, Changle police arrested the suspect night escorted the suspect to identify the crime scene police in Changle, Tian Xi Cun three gold gold jewelry stolen, the police immediately set up a task force, to carry out the case work. The police task force through access to huge amounts of video surveillance and Mopai visit, eventually locked the suspect Chen major crime suspects. Chen, 35 years old this year, is the Changle River town, but the police task force in the case of the detection process, Chen found already after the incident to the province. The stolen gold buried in the protection forest after overnight interrogation, Chen on September 20th in the river town of three village gold theft confessed to the crime, and confessed the remaining gold buried in the village of Yantai town of Changle city river protection forest. The police at night looking for the stolen gold because of protection forests affected by the recent typhoon, the burial place gold grew indistinct, find it very difficult, the police task force using the detector, excavators and hoe to shelter forest "search" of the times. Due to the tireless efforts of police, for three days, October 28th at 15 pm, finally found buried gold, gold unearthed a moment, exciting. So far, the stolen gold and a total of more than one million yuan was stolen goods were all recovered, the case can be satisfactorily solved. Dig gold on the moment, so the police up at present, the suspect Chen, Lin was arrested for theft, suspected of disguise or conceal the proceeds of crime, the proceeds of crime criminal detention by Changle police, the case is under further pending. Source: Strait Metropolis Daily相关的主题文章: