Malone’s first public affair behind his girlfriend eight years is not easy to us very well (video)

Malone’s first public affair behind his girlfriend: eight years to our very good [Abstract] the first time out with his girlfriend photos, Malone is undoubtedly hope to dispel the malicious speculation, return to calm the training and competition of life. Micro-blog. Malone and his girlfriend Malone and his girlfriend Olympic champion Malone officially announced his girlfriend: eight years is not easy to us good sports Tencent reported on October 14th (King Yi Wei) Beijing time on October 14th night, the Kingdom’s Malone in his micro-blog issued a document, drying out the first photo and his girlfriend summer dew, and the accompanying text "eight years is not easy. We are very good" that the two feelings were not affected by the impact of recent rumors. Eight years is not easy, we are very good, the 14 day and night, Malone wrote such a sentence on micro-blog, and attached to his girlfriend Xia Lu’s photo of the group, which is the first public recognition of love Malone. On Malone from micro-blog, Beijing star right law firm has taken the lead in a netizen fabricated slander Xia Lu’s letter of apology, Xia Lu held liable lawyer letter. Malone micro-blog love, is in such a way behind his girlfriend. After the victory of the Rio Olympic Games, Malone to the image of the handsome sun quickly became a fan of the hearts of the fans of high quality idol". With the popularity, Malone’s training, life has been unreservedly exposed in front of the public, which makes him very low-key introverted personality does not adapt, the most painful is to his girlfriend of 8 years by the netizen slander Xia lu. Although some netizens have acknowledged that the so-called "Summer Dew about guns and other social networking account is an impostor, but it still can not stop the Summer Dew abuse and speculation. According to Tencent, the reporter, despite 8 years of Xia Lu has been living and working in Nanjing, Malone and long-term training and competition, the two together from many, but as long as there is a holiday, summer dew will be the first time to come to Beijing to accompany her boyfriend. When in love, although Malone is the national team, but far less so popular today, but this 8 years, Malone has experienced occupation career trough nearly retired, these unknown moment is beside a road Xiangting girlfriend. Privately, famous Malone is low-key, for many years, he never let the family exposure, the Rio Olympic Games, the media had invited Malone parents to watch the battle scene, but Malone declined, for his girlfriend Malone is more protective and don’t want to girlfriend harassment, but did not expect to encounter unwarranted speculation. This time the first drying out photos with his girlfriend, Malone is no doubt hope to dispel malicious speculation, return to calm training, race life.相关的主题文章: