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Internet-and-Business-Online With the constant progress of technology, printing industry has seen a paradigm shift. Short run printing and variable data printing have be.e the buzz words of the printing market, in this day and age. These unique concepts of printing have truly revolutionized the world of printing. Variable data printing is basically a type of tailored and on demand printing that does not hold up or bring the printing process to a standstill. It utilizes digital print technology in order to go for mass customization of documents. It works on the concept of printing customized and tailor made documents, instead of printing bulk documents that are of same kind. In other words, if a business house needs 2,000 copies of brochures, then instead of printing the same copies of the brochure, the variable printing technology will create 2,000 exclusive copies of the brochures, with personalized content for every receiver of the brochure. Thus, variable data printing lets you to be more premeditated and conscious about your marketing plans by letting you personalize any document or marketing collateral without any hassle. Put simply, it is a variety of on-demand printing, wherein all the documents in a print run are akin but not the same. You can have different layouts for the same type of document; you can insert different images into a document; use varying designs, patterns or colors for different recipients; and can do anything possible with this technology at hand. Now, talking about short run printing, another major advancement that took place in printing technology; it is nothing but printing only a small amount of documents at a time, instead of going for bulk printing. It allows you to have small quantities of documents at reasonable prices and in a short period of time. It is an extremely cost effective technique of printing and you are free from the trouble of getting more materials than what the business requires at the current time. The short run printing procedure is quicker than the conventional offset printing process and as a consequence, it proves to be highly successful for the conditions in which printing has to be done on a short notice and on an urgent basis. Because of utilizing fewer resources for generating few quantities of prints, short run printing helps in reducing the wastage of resources which is quite .mon with the customary bulk printing method. This makes this ground-breaking method of printing exceptionally environmentally friendly. All things considered, if your business requires exceptional and avant-garde techniques for printing the documents and marketing collaterals, then you should consider about short run printing and variable data printing . By going on for these printing methods, you not only save money and resources, but also contribute towards making the environment safe and ecologically balanced. However, make sure that you opt for these services from a professional and highly .petent printing .pany, so as to make the rewards of modern day printing technology more fruitful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: