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Travel-and-Leisure We’re not surprised when we hear about the sums of money people spend on the various skin care products that grace the counters of our cosmetics stores. That’s because our skin, particularly our faces and hands, is the part of us that other most often see and take signals from and we can tell so much about each other just by looking at out skin, most notably how old we are. Everyone likes to stay looking young. It has been for the best part of a century and every generation seems to take that desire further. Of course, there is nothing too desirable allowing ourselves to age too quickly. The best way to maintain a fresh, youthful look is to be just that, if we can, but only some qualify; for everyone else a .bination of preventive measures and a full care plan is what is needed. The main factor is likely to be realistic about what we hope for and not expect overnight miracles. But there are plenty of things we can do to give ourselves the best chance of good skin, and it’s never to early or late to start. The sun makes most people happy. It makes us joyful and carefree and we’re prepared to travel huge distances to enjoy its warming effect. But the sun possesses some unfortunate side-effects that can age our skin prematurely. Most of are taught from a young age that we have put sun block on, but the sun creams available today are far more advanced that those of twenty years ago. It was .monly known as sun tan lotion, and still is in certain circles. Taking precautions as part of our daily routine would have been unheard of, it was strictly a holiday thing. But then scientists came across a large "ozone hole" in the upper atmosphere thirty years ago. As ozone blocks dangerous types of UV light from the sun, the relationship between exposure to the sun and the possibility of conditions ranging from sunburn to skin cancers made the world take note. Nowadays, UV blockers are part of many skin creams, lip balms and anti-ageing creams as UV light is a recognised cause of ageing. In addition, we are encouraged to limit our exposure to the sun by avoiding direct sunlight and remaining covered up, take the midday siesta you see followed in some hot countries for example. So if there is a single thing you do to look after your skin and reduce the effects of ageing, it is taking care to limit your exposure to direct sunlight. There are more important things in life than having a tan (and you can get a realistic artificial tan anyway nowadays), but if you absolutely insist, make sure you’re well protected and don’t overdo it. Everything in small doses and play cautious is the approach you need. Of course, we can’t avoid the sun at all times, and staying indoors all the time would be bad for us too as sunlight aids the production of vitamin D. And besides, sun sense is only one of many ways of keeping a youthful appearance. Most skincare experts agree that moisturising daily is a good idea and that smoking is a bad idea when it .es to keeping skin smooth and lustrous. Skin care products include sun block creams but they are easily outnumbered by moisturisers. Perhaps a .bination cream is what we all need, but maintaining a regular routine of care and prevention is certainly the route to younger looking skin. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: