Liaoning will gradually reduce the proportion of provident fund deposit retirement age gamelink

Liaoning will gradually reduce the provident fund deposit ratio to delay the retirement age in November 13th, the provincial government issued the "cost work plan" to reduce the real economy enterprises in Liaoning Province, put forward 3 years to the comprehensive cost of the real economy enterprises reasonable decline, including taxes, cost of financing, the system of transaction cost, labor cost, energy cost, logistics cost etc.. Peel off corporate medical, educational and other public institutions, the program proposed to speed up the divestiture of state-owned enterprises to do social functions and solve problems left over by history, reduce the burden on enterprises. The establishment of a reasonable cost sharing mechanism of the government and state-owned enterprises, adhere to the classification guidance, step by step, multi-channel financing to accelerate the divestiture of state-owned enterprises to do social functions. Comprehensively promote the state-owned enterprise workers families of three for one industry separation transfer split enterprise health education and other public service agencies, the implementation of social management of retired personnel of state-owned enterprises, to solve the problem of historical good collective factories and other state-owned enterprises. Within two years to reduce the proportion of provident fund deposit program requirements, the strict implementation of the province’s corporate unemployment insurance premium rate fell from 2% to 1%, the individual contribution rate decreased from 1% to 0.5% of the policy. To take effective measures not layoffs, fewer layoffs, stable employment of enterprises, according to the enterprise and its employees last year to pay 50% of the total amount of unemployment insurance premiums to give stable subsidies. Housing provident fund, the program requirements, the proportion of housing provident fund deposit ratio higher than 12% will be adjusted, shall not exceed 12%. From May 1, 2016 onwards, within two years, appropriate to reduce the proportion of housing provident fund deposit. Production and operation of enterprises in difficulty in reducing the proportion of deposit, can also apply for payment of housing provident fund benefits, to be improved after the recovery and increase the proportion of deposit or deposit back over the housing provident fund. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter   Tang Xinmeng相关的主题文章: