Liaoning bulletin from the spirit of the provisions of the central eight provisions violate the typi tonya mitchell

Liaoning informed more than eight Central provisions violate the spirit of the typical problems in the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network (reporter Tang Xinmeng) Mid Autumn Festival has passed, the National Day is approaching, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the provincial discipline inspection organs at all levels of the many violations of the central eight provisions of the spirit of the typical problems to be exposed continuously, creating a high pressure situation, and resolutely prevent the four winds problem rebound during the festival, to ensure delicate gas is. (the following excerpt) informed Shenyang City: Sujiatun District West Street Party committee secretary Wang Jianhua Gongjusiyong problem. Wang Jianhua by the party warning. Dalian City Bulletin: Lushunkou District Three Jian Bao animal health supervision institute director Li Jiejiang issued Tianjin illegal subsidies. Li Jiejiang by the party a serious warning. Pulandian District thirty-sixth middle school principal Wang is lavish, illegal subsidies paid tianjin. Wang Zhengjia by the party warning. Fushun City Bulletin: Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County Public Security Bureau of economic investigation battalion Zhou Jibin lavish problem. Zhou Jibin by the party a serious warning. Benxi City Bulletin: Benxi County LIANSHANGUAN town hospitals Dean Gu Lijun public funds tourism. Gu Lijun was expelled from the party, the cost shall be confiscated. Jinzhou Bulletin: Zhang Haibao, deputy director of the Beizhen market supervision and Inspection Center for illegal payment of subsidies. Zhang Haibao by the party warning, illegal funds have been confiscated. Heishan County Water Conservancy Bureau Raoyang town water station owners He Dianfeng illegal use of bus problems. He Dianfeng by the party warning. Yingkou City Bulletin: Gaizhou city deputy director of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Traffic Control Office Wu Jiye lavish problem. Wu Jiye by the party warning. Gaizhou City, director Xu Tun Zhen Han Jia Gou Cun Sun Yujie’s lavish problem. Sun Yujie by the party warning. Liaoyang City Bulletin: Liaoyang City Earthquake Earthquake Office Director Gong Lanjian office premises exceed the standard problem. Gong Lanjian by the party a serious warning. Liaoyang County Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Deputy captain He Xincheng lavish problem. He Xincheng by the party warning. Tieling Bulletin: Li Jinglin, former director of the Changtu county broadcasting bureau (retired), deputy director of the County Bureau of letters and visits, deputy director of the County Family Planning Commission, Zhang Jian, the County Bureau of industry and commerce working hours drinking problem Li Zhi. Li Jinglin, Zhang Jian, respectively, by the party a serious warning, fly by the party warning measures by the Party of the United States and the United States and China, respectively, by the party warning, and then by the party, the Party of China. Chaoyang City Bulletin: Lingyuan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee and Secretary of the original, fourth Discipline Inspection Committee of the Lingyuan Municipal Supervision Bureau deputy director and fourth branch secretary Gao Xiangdong lavish problem. Gao Xiangdong serious warning the party, according to the procedure from Party and government positions, transferred from the supervision work of discipline inspection, the money was confiscated. Beipiao Baita north tower town village committee deputy director Zou Xiaolong lavish problem. Zou Xiaolong by the party warning. Panjin Bulletin: Xinglongtai district safety supervision and Administration Bureau Wang Zhixi working hours drinking problem. Wang Zhixi by administrative warning. Shuangtaizi District, Cui he Gongjusiyong problem. Cui by Party warning.相关的主题文章: