Kunlun 53 Beijing Hongkun will peak of the war held a press conference nibbuns

Kunlun 53 Beijing Hongkun will peak of the war held a press conference in September 18th, the "war and Kunlun technology Kunlun must peak will fight the world center opening press conference held in Beijing. This means that the world’s largest combat center will debut Beijing Xihongmen, located in the Xihongmen sports park built by hung Kun group, Xihongmen area will become a new economic growth pole of Beijing sports. Kunlun will soon land 53 Beijing Railway Station Hongkun World Kickboxing center in September 24th, Kunlun will soon in 53 Beijing Railway Station Hongkun Kunlun decision center started fighting the world. Kunlun will fight the world center is the largest professional sports stadiums of Xihongmen sports park. Xihongmen sports park is located in Beijing Daxing, the core business district of the country, covering an area of about 23728 square meters, the Group invested 2 yuan to build million Hongkun, stadium, park, commercial perfect fusion, is a quasi Samsung green building, a collection of stadiums, outdoor activities, training centers, sports entertainment, swimming center, sports theme catering, sporting goods sales and other functional areas, is a new landmark of sports life echoes with the north of the bird’s nest. In the hung Kun Group actively introduce combat sport brands in Kunlun will top, together to create a passionate sports city name card, through the development of the sports industry, bring more vitality to the region! Xihongmen Kunlun sports park will founder and chairman Jiang Hua said: Kunlun will fight the world center of landing in Xihongmen, and jointly create a new landmark in the city sports technology. In the world’s largest professional wrestling center in Kunlun, it will give the fans the top in addition to fight the most shocking events, will also be multiple games, combat training and other services to Kunlun must import IP, to build Beijing sports in Sanlitun. Through the sports economy, promote urban vitality. Kunlun is founder and chairman Jiang Hua of the press conference is about to go to war in September 24th of the 53 games will Hongkun Kunlun Beijing Railway Station a formal notice, when the Beijing Xihongmen Sports Park "Kunlun will fight the world center master gathered, will become the focus of world attention is to detonate the entire Beijing China chase combat sports the trend. As Kunlun will clash Hongkun 8 into the 4 king of the war, in September 24th the same day hot war game, undoubtedly has the biggest surprise. With hundreds of millions of popular Muay Thai Prince Buakaw will visit the site to a battle, domestic and foreign big rookie gathered in the field, Wu Xuesong, Yang and many other famous were going to sports, to open a fighting There was no parallel in history. feast. A partner, hung Kun Group Marketing General Manager Sun Xia as an innovative city operators, technology since its inception in August 20, 2002, has developed into a group with a real estate development and investment business segment of the two composite holdings. Hung Kun group in Beijing Xihongmen area of deep plowing 14 years, build Xihongmen Sports Park, hung Kun square, high-end industrial park – · Valley, Beijing Hongkun; Financial City villa, hung Kun · Lin language villa (real estate information), high-quality residential areas — Hongkun · ideal city (real estate information owners forum), multi City matching; covering residential, industrial, commercial, and Sports Park 6相关的主题文章: