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Jody: war will not easily explain how to defend Shen Xin Shen Xin attack group manager Jody sina sports news source: Qingdao the Yellow Sea Football Club 2016 in the League twenty-seventh round game this weekend fully opened Zhanmu, tomorrow at 19:45 in the evening, the Qingdao football team will do the Yellow Sea pharmaceutical passenger Shanghai Jinshan stadium challenge Shanghai Shenxin football team. In the evening before the game, the the Yellow Sea football team coach Jody in the round of the opponent said: "Shanghai Shen Xin team in the last few games played very well. The team changed their coach a few days ago, but after a long run, the results have recently picked up. Their goals at the beginning of the season are certainly not the current state, so they will certainly have a higher pursuit in tomorrow’s game. Opponents at this stage of the state is really good, tomorrow is certainly not an easy game for us. We have to do the same as before, with one hundred percent of the efforts and determination to make full preparations to win the game." On the opponent attack is very strong, the team will make adjustments in defense and how to prepare for the problem, Jody replied: first of all, we must emphasize that attack and defense in two. One is the defense and attack of the ball. The opponent before the game is in front of positive approach, Fanqiang after scoring a lot of goals, but the other is more loopholes in defense. So, here we do not do too much comment, we have to do is to get the ball on the field, control the ball does not lose the ball, this is the best defense." Foreign aid Lakic as players attended the press conference, he said: "I hope to show their strength in tomorrow’s game, we should be on the team to win the game, we should strive for a goal more than the other." Qingdao the Yellow Sea football team arrived in Shanghai at noon today, tonight, the team in Shanghai Jinshan stadium before the game of adaptability training.相关的主题文章: