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Jiang Chaoliang stressed that research to further promote agricultural supply side structural reforms – Jilin channel — people.com.cn original title: advancing agricultural supply side structural reforms to promote grain production farmers recently, governor Jiang Chaoliang came to Gongzhuling City, deep grain fields and enterprises workshop, to conduct research on the agricultural supply side structural reform and grain storage work. The picture shows Jiang Chaoliang cordial conversation with farmers in the field, concerned about the harvest, etc.. (reporter Zou Naishuo photo) recently, governor Jiang Chaoliang came to Gongzhuling City, deep grain fields and enterprises workshop, to conduct research on the agricultural supply side structural reform and grain storage work. He stressed the need to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series especially important speech on promoting structural reform, the supply side to the "three rural" work, according to the province’s rural reform forum will require the deployment and Secretary Ba Antsoru, firmly establish the idea of taking people as the center of development, actively implement the "three to one drop fill" the five major tasks, innovative initiatives to implement the plan, deepen agricultural supply side structural reforms, a solid job of grain purchasing and storage work, accelerate the construction of modern agricultural industrial system, production system, management system, to promote grain production and agricultural efficiency, increase farmers’ income, and lay a solid foundation for the stable and healthy development of the economy and society. Jiang Chaoliang first came to the East and Jilin grain group Fanjiatun grain depot, on-the-spot investigation and management of grain storage equipment, to hear about the grain purchasing, storage, transit trade, etc. introduction. He pointed out that the current has entered the harvest season. To improve the science dispatch, warehousing facilities management, good grain purchasing and storage work. Conscientiously implement the state’s grain purchase policy, combined with food to inventory, to ensure that the food into the harvest, store well, sell out, effectively stabilize the income of farmers, to protect national food security. Gongzhuling agricultural land financial trading center was formally established in August this year. Jiang Chaoliang walked into the trading hall, shook hands with the staff of the window, and a detailed understanding of rural property rights transactions, online land transfer, cultivate new business entities, etc.. He pointed out that to deepen the structural reform of the supply side of agriculture, to promote the construction of modern agricultural system, we must activate the rural factor market. To actively promote the rural financial comprehensive reform pilot, make up the short board of agriculture. Innovative financial services model for the appropriate scale of agricultural operation, the creation of new urbanization favorable conditions. In Jilin province’s agricultural food company, Jiang Chaoliang listened to the enterprises in the processing of agricultural products, operating conditions and online sales, and inspected the production line of canned fruit and vegetable products. Heard that the enterprise products are exported to overseas more than and 10 countries this year, online sales more than doubled last year, Jiang Chaoliang encourage everyone to keep up with the market situation, perfect the management and sales mode, efforts to enhance the core competitiveness and brand value. Subsequently, Jiang Chaoliang came to COFCO biochemical energy (Gongzhuling) company, on line operation process in the fructose production workshop, understand the enterprise production and marketing etc.. He pointed out that we should vigorously develop the deep processing of agricultural products, give full play to the role of leading enterprises, cultivating a number of agricultural products processing enterprises with international competitiveness, the formation of supply, production, processing and marketing of agricultural integration)相关的主题文章: