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Careers-Employment Jefferson State .munity College has a main campus in Birmingham, Alabama and three satellite campuses located in Shelby County, St. Clair, and Clanton. The main campus is located on a 200 acre wooded site that .prises the highest elevation in Jefferson County. While the campuses are in different locations the college works diligently to maintain a unified spirit of .munity. There are numerous clubs, organizations, and programs that provide all of the students opportunities to interact and participate in JSCC functions. Another goal of the JSCC administration and faculty is to assist students in achieving their goals. For many students this means acquiring an Associates Degree followed by transfer to a 4-year university. JSCC provides over one hundred degree programs as well as several certification programs and Continuing Education courses. Students are encouraged to decide on a major as soon as they enter the Jefferson State .munity College system so that their coursework will provide them with their lower level degree and transfer in a seamless manner. There are over twenty full-tuition scholarships covering a range of majors offered yearly by the JSCC to Alabama resident students. Students are also provided packets upon enrollment with the necessary applications to receive grants and funding to assist with their educational endeavors. The most striking characteristic of JSCC is their dedication and .mitment to the success of their student population. Students select advisors based on their major of study. Advisors work with the student to assure that every opportunity that will benefit the student in achieving their goals is pursued. Advisors assist students in planning and setting objectives that will insure that they can transfer seamlessly to the four-year university. The STARS program is a tool that students attending Jefferson State .munity College find more than useful. This Statewide Transfer and Articulating System provides invaluable assistance in guiding students and preparing them for their transition to the 4-year university in the major they have chosen. Students work with the STARS program from the time of their enrollment and continue to do so throughout their college career. In order to provide educational opportunities to individuals who may not be able to .e to a campus for classes, the JSCC has the Distance Education Department. This Department designs and creates courses that are taught by JSCC faculty and provide them with the necessary credits to transfer to a 4-year institution. The courses taught through the Internet and other media provide off-campus students with the high caliber of educational opportunities that all students of JSCC receive. Jefferson State .munity College also offers a unique program to students through a partnership with the Jefferson State University. A Bachelor .pletion Program is available to students on two campuses which offers courses through interactive video conferencing. This partnership has seen a significant increase in the number of students succeeding in obtaining their Bachelors of Science Degree in Management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: