Jane Zhang Feng Ke the wedding will be held in Italy in November; two people love secret (Figu aizi

Jane Zhang Feng Ke   the wedding will be held in Italy in November; two people love secret (Figure) – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title: Jane Zhang Feng Ke was married on November 9th wedding in Italy recently, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke traced to the wedding in Italy in November 9th, there has been some people received an invitation. In this regard, the media to Jane Zhang studio staff confirmation, the other confirmed the news is true. Netizens have said "Congratulations" and "blessing", it is reported that Feng Ke is the president of the city of Beijing, the era of cultural communication company, he had a marriage, divorce in 2005, his ex-wife with children have emigrated. Jane Zhang Feng Ke in July 4, 2015, BANG the World Changsha concert, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s relationship formally, Jane Zhang sings "at the scene until finally you" this song, suddenly announced romance with Feng Ke. July 2015 Jane Zhang concert sings "Changsha Railway Station until finally you" this song on the tour, suddenly announced romance with less city times CEO Feng Ke! And was named Feng Kechong to Taiwan, two people in Taiwan on the kiss. Then the sun drying out of the sun and Jane Zhang Zhao Zhao confession, two people officially exposed love and bold love. Jane Zhang concert suddenly announced romance, which makes a lot of fans and fans are very surprised, but in the concert scene, Jane Zhang also made a surprising move, shouted to the audience, if you want to marry me, please come here right now. Jane Zhang was the hero neither fast nor slow walked on stage, although it is acknowledged the affair, but it seems very reluctance, but did not make any commitment to Jane Zhang, a move that fans were surprised, Liangying people with you 10 years, you are so treated, suddenly become the hot topic online. In July 5th, Feng Ke micro-blog responded: now in retrospect, even if give me ten seconds to calm me, I will never be the performance last night. He also said: marriage can not be simple to deal with, Jane Zhang is the only one in this life! Feng Ke Jane Zhang American pop singer – Lambert and Chinese singer, respectively, as a representative of Chinese and American singer arrived at the scene, for the opening of the cooperation of Yue Yue station and the bulletin board of the. Jane Zhang this year was chosen as the movie "terminator 5" global theme song singer, in the past has also been to the United States to record albums, is undoubtedly the best representative of Sino US music exchange. Adam – Lambert has also repeatedly performed in China, held concerts, starred in domestic television programs, etc., will return to China in January next year, opened in Beijing, hot tour. Jane Zhang not long ago, her boyfriend Feng Ke, will the public proposal for the crowd in the blessing of Jane Zhang singing, asked about the wedding, Jane Zhang said at the end of the year has not yet been determined, their performances are more free time to want to wait for the wedding, "Feng Ke is low-key, want to give him a little time. Wedding will certainly not do at the concert, a bit vulgar, I hope to give you a surprise. (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Shi Yunjuan)相关的主题文章: