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Sales When the majority of people think of a sport dealing with horses, they think of something like the Kentucky Derby where there is a horse race on a track or perhaps even a polo match that is played by the wealthy in various rgions of the world. There are actually, a lot sports that uses horses than a lot of people realize says the owner of equestrian helmet covers and riding helmet covers. Other things that people are familiar with are the different types of horse shows where riders perform a variety of riding techniques. These are all of the more .mon ones but this article will look into some of the other equestrian sports that you may not be familiar with and details about them. One of the newer events tht is gaining popularity is the Endurance riding events. The first event was done in 1955 and was called the Tevis Cup and was a century mile one day ride from Squaw Valley, Nevada to Auburn, California. NowToday endurance rides and races .e in a variety of distances from a ten mile trek to a difficult 100 mile race. It is appealing to every type of riders and of all ages as well. Similar to a running race, you may run fast or walk it, it is up to you how you want to do it. The health of the horse is imperative and only ones that are able to handle long distances may .pete after being checked by a vet. Arabian horses are the perfect endurance horses. Horseball is a .bination of basketball and rugby all done while riding a horse. It is a very new sport having only began in France just twenty years ago and it has spread to many other countries, mostly European where there is a Horseball Championship. You have to exchange or pass the ball at least three times before being able to shoot the ball and the circle goal is vertical rather than horizontal as a basketball hoop. Tackling is allowed like in rugby with some rules that pertain to it and also the ball is a junior sized football with straps attached to it to be able to scoop it up when it is on the ground. It is a fast paced game with teams of 4 players on the field each and is fun to watch. Vaulting is the final unique sport to be done on a horse. It is basically doing gymnastics while balancing on a moving horse. .petitions are scored on performing .pulsory moves and a freestyle routine that blends in with the movements of the horse. It is very popular in Britain and is also done in America too. Just like Horseball, it .bines another sport with horseback riding to make it it’s own unique activity. There are more equestrian sports as well but these were a few of the more creative ones to learn about. As long as horses and people continue to work together, there will be various equestrian sports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: