Hubei province to explore the full realization of remote settlement settlement of inter provincial h

Hubei Province, the full realization of Medicare settlement remote medical insurance settlement remote medical insurance settlement exploration provinces is one of the most concerned problems for the people. According to the Department of planning: 2016, the full realization of inter provincial resettlement hospitalization expenses for retirees direct settlement. How to implement the settlement of medical insurance in Hubei? Reporter conducted a survey of the relevant circumstances. At present, the province has realized real-time settlement remote medical treatment, part of the region began to inter provincial health insurance settlement, but on the whole, the national inter provincial remote settlement still need to do a lot of preparatory work. The full realization of the remote medical immediate settlement last month, from Shiyan city public Ganya group by the Shiyan city health insurance agencies to review the record in the city of Wuhan after medical treatment, the successful handling of remote medical insurance settlement. In addition to their own part of the need to pay, the remaining costs directly from the Shiyan health insurance agencies and designated hospitals directly settled. In early 2011, Hubei province began to explore the networked remote medical immediate settlement work; in 2013, 16 city (state) of the insured to the city of Wuhan (longitudinal) remote medical immediate settlement; by the end of 2014, and to achieve the province of all regions (horizontal) remote medical networking settlement. This marks the Hubei province has achieved a full range of medical insurance within the province of remote medical networking settlement." Hubei provincial health insurance administration official said. So far, the province all insured can hold social security card or ID card, the 63 designated hospitals in the province’s remote medical treatment, only need to pay part of the cost should be borne by individuals, the remaining costs by health insurance agencies and designated hospitals for direct settlement. According to reports, only 1-6 months of this year, the province has 36 thousand and 600 people through the province Medicare remote settlement platform reimbursement, the amount of 927 million yuan, the monthly average reached 7 more than 1000. Provincial health insurance settlement to explore the road open inter provincial and provincial Medicare offsite Medicare remote settlement node compared to more difficult. Hubei Province Medical Insurance Bureau staff Li Ying told reporters, in the provincial health insurance remote settlement, Hubei is also actively trying to. In March 2014, Huangmei Hubei County, Huanggang city and Jiangxi Jiujiang Xunyang signed Cross medical package agreement, launched the "point to point" medical insurance provinces immediate settlement. "Huangmei and Jiujiang across the river, the economic integration. Previously, because there is no three hospitals in Huangmei, a large number of local medical insurance patients need to go to Jiujiang. Because it is a different place, not credit card settlement, not only to bring inconvenience to the masses, but also increase their economic burden. After the signing of the agreement, the first people’s Hospital of Jiujiang, the 171 hospital charges HIS system successfully access to Huangmei Jin Bao engineering network. Huangmei people holding social security card in the two hospitals for medical treatment, the hospital only need to pay part of their own, the rest of the fund to pay part of the settlement by the hospital and the Huangmei medical insurance bureau." Li Ying said. In December 2015, according to the national "the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city group development plan", Hubei Province, Wuhan city and Hefei, Nanchang, Changsha four to reach the basic medical insurance for urban workers, remote medical immediate settlement agreement, to achieve interoperability of health insurance system. Between the 4 cities to achieve a medical settlement system interconnection. If the front is just "point.相关的主题文章: