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Network-Marketing Id like to talk about the ultimate network marketing success mindset. If youre looking over this article, Id want to share something with you which may actually surprise you, in case you didnt know it already: Over 95% Of People Who Join Network Marketing/Direct Sales FAIL!!! Now, have you ever wonder why that number is so high? Well, here is the honest truth: Those 95% of people dont fail, THEY QUIT!!! For what ever the reason being, they merely choose to quit the business. The fact is for you to succeed in mlm, you must adopt a success mindset. By the way, 90% of this business is mental. The other 10% is skills. Starting a home-based business is exactly like if you were to start a franchise. Its STILL a business! The reason folks are failing, or quitting is because they usually are not approaching their MLM business like a business. They treat it as a hobby, or something that theyre just going TRY. Well, let me tell you something my friends. Ive been involved in mlm for over four years now, and its NOT easy. However, if you decide that youre simply going to try it out or talk with 5 people and youre done, then you know what? Youre Going To Fail, PERIOD!! The Best Way To Adopt The Ultimate Network Marketing Success Mindset However, there is a a way to switch that up and adopt a new success mindset. Here are some simple ways to shift your mindset so you can start thinking about achieving success in network marketing, rather than thinking of quitting. 1. Start having a clear vision- Think about WHY youre doing this. Is it to retire at full pay? Is it to gather some funds for your kids college tuition? Is it to get a brand new car? A new house? Take that much needed vacation? Fire your boss and enjoy Monday mornings? Open up a day care? Control your life and create your own lifestyle? Whatever your why is, think of those things EVERYDAY! This is key: Start thinking about what life will be ONCE youre successful (notice I said ONCE, not IF). So many folks just think oh, well maybe Ill make it.hopefully things will work out.Ill give it a shot.if it happens, it happens.Thats a BAD MINDSET!!! You have to start believing that you WILL be successful, that you WILL get your husband or wife out of that dead-end job, that you WILL be able to work from home and spend more times with your kids, that you WILL buy yourself that new car instead of driving that beat-up, broken down hooptiethat you WILL move your family from that small apartment into that new house.that you WILL help your family get rid of some bad debt and live life a little more .fortable. The more and more you think of WHEN youre gonna be successful, the more and more youll do what it takes to reach that point. Start creating visions of you on stage, impacting other peoples lives, sharing with them your story on how you’ve made it through all the trials and tribulations and were able to over.e them and be successful. 2. Once you’ve gotten a clear vision, find and spend time with like-minded individuals- Do you think spending time with whiners, .plainers, skeptics, people with a job mentality, people who just watch people make things happen, is going to help you adopt that success mindset? NO, becauseThose People Dont Want You To Be Successful!!! They really want you to be mediocre. They want you to be similar to them. Theyre unhappy, nor should you. They want you to be part of the 98% of people that by the time they reach the age of 65, they’re either dead or dead broke. You know why? Cause they want to be right. When you have those friends who tell you oh, this is a pyramid scheme..or this is a scam, only the people at the top make all of the money, theyre looking to discourage you from moving forward and fulfilling your dreams. Besides, theyve probably TRIED something similar and failed so they would kind of feel ashamed if you went ahead and succeeded. The Ultimate Network Marketing Success Mindset Continues. The point is this: You are or you will be.e the top 5 people that you spend the most time with. So if I were you, Id spend as MUCH time as possible with individuals who are like-minded, people who think positive and dont always find an excuse about everything in life, and those that actually take ACTION! The more you spend with positive like-minded people, the more youll create that success mindset. Talk to successful people that you already know. Stay in touch with them. Find out their wisdom and how they overcame obstacles. Theyll inform you of how they struggled yet still made it, and that will help you believe you too can achieve your goals if you push forward and stick with it. 3. Think of your business as a 12-36 months endeavor that may help you build a fortune. Give yourself time to grow. Youre going to make mistakes, youre gonna stumble and reach obstacles, but just get back up and continue. Some may reach their goals in a lesser time. For some it could take more time. But you got to keep running and running until you reach the finish line. What is your finish line? Prosperity.Time Freedom.Financial Independence.Your own lifestyle! At the end of the day, what are your other options? Staying at a job till your 65, and building someone elses dreams? THINK ABOUT THAT! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: