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How can a marriage last longer? Sohu maternal and child marriage how to operate longer? Wen Xu says many people say that marriage is the tomb of love, your enemy once entered the marriage of love will become. Many single people are wondering: why, then, do people get married? Even in their opinion, it’s better to be happy and live alone. Think too much, if the marriage is so unbearable as a person live free. Love is always sweet, happy and happy with each other. Marriage is a matter of two families, more than a responsibility and obligation, naturally there will be some pressure. However, I would like to say that marriage is not as bad as people say. She is a yearning and longing, she is beautiful. Just expect too much disappointment, the more we should treat this beautiful. Each of us is not perfect, everyone’s personality is not the same, you need to rely on to run together. Live well, which is not the thing quarrel. But after quarrelling don’t impulse, think of each other well, think together the groundless talk, think of these years is not easy, I believe that together will vanish, not what the past hom. As the saying goes, there is a skeleton in the cupboard, and then a loving couple in marriage will also have a lot of problems. Management of marriage is a learning, for young people, how to manage their own love, to avoid marriage broken? Marriage should be more concerned about each other to decorate the house from June, Paul busy every day, almost every day to run over there staring at. We went to the library he bought a lot of flowers last week, he was very excited to tell us that the house has been renovated! Look at his face. He just wants to live in. He did so much just want to let the home become better, we could hope to a more comfortable place, that moment particularly moved. He has always been a very real and reliable person, never boast, never contrived. These days he even sent me to work, I said I can take the subway, ask him why he insisted on giving me? He calmly told me: because you know the special period, so do not want you too tired. Warm warm heart to hear these words, I did not marry the wrong person. Women do not want much, just hope that men can give more consideration and care, rather than ignore her feelings. Women are emotional animals, in our daily lives, we will always be touched by some small things. Language communication is the best medicine, no matter what kind of situation, need to communicate. Only talk to let each other know that the heart is not happy. A good attitude to achieve a good life, but also to stabilize the feelings of love each other. Now people’s life pressure is very large, it is inevitable that there will be a time when the mood upset. And at the moment more need for family comfort and care to help ease the pressure. More care and understanding, home will be more temperature. In the marriage, the heart of Thanksgiving often Paul thirty years old, I gave him the apple 7P, he received the gift of joy. We bought the house decoration after actually his birthday I still There is not much left., but decided to send a decent gift to him. I told him y相关的主题文章: