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Henan plans within five years to rural tourism   bring millions of people out of poverty — Henan channel — people.com.cn original title: Henan five year plan to bring millions of people out of poverty in rural tourism held yesterday, the province’s rural tourism and tourism to promote the work of the meeting, the Provincial Tourism Bureau issued a "Henan provincial tourism poverty alleviation five years the action plan (2016 – 2020) draft". According to the plan, by 2020, Henan will promote the development of rural tourism every year by 200 thousand poor people out of poverty. 5 years, the realization of rural tourism has driven a total of 1 million poor people out of poverty. Henan province will be the main battlefield in the Funiu Mountains, the Dabie Mountains, the Yellow River in contiguous poor areas in 53 poor counties and 1065 poor villages filing cards as the key support in poor areas through the development of tourism style town, leisure farms, self driving camp, Village Holiday Inn and other ways to achieve poverty. In "a village plan, a move" as the goal, Henan province will focus on building a participatory poverty village tourism poverty alleviation project database, to 2018, the completion of the 272 National Tourism poverty alleviation key village tourism planning full coverage, collect the key village tourism poverty alleviation monitoring information. At the same time, speeding up the rural tourism infrastructure and service facilities to enhance the project implementation; Shibaiqianwan industrial carrier construction, namely the construction of 10 tourism demonstration counties, 20 rural tourism demonstration base, creating 30 tourism poverty alleviation demonstration towns and 100 villages, 100 tourism characteristics of modern agricultural science and Technology Park, 100 B, 1000 boutique leisure farms, 10 thousand characteristics of farmers, improve the rural tourism agglomeration effect. In addition, the province’s rural tourism in the circle of three with four plate "development pattern, around the mountains a beach, and strive to achieve the" development pattern of a county, one town one product, a village scene, one industry, one technology "project. Henan is also planning to design the the Yellow River wetland ecological tour, the Yellow River tour, culture and customs of ancient villages in southern Taihang travel experience, the Dabie Mountains, Central Plains Folk Festival tour tour, celebrity name roots of Tongbai Dabie Mountain Ecological and red culture of leisure, health and health Funiu Mountain Ecological leisure travel, leisure agriculture in Huang Huai plain rural ecological culture and leisure travel ten rural tourism routes; the farmer launched the traditional folk festivals, country music festival, delicacy Festival, rural tourism forum and other tourism activities. (reporter Cheng Yan) (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Xu Caihong)相关的主题文章: