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Walking in and out of heaps of Wifi or ISP zones is just another day at office for the regular business traveler. But many times, just to have emails flowing while cutting across network boundaries and ISP zones can be a crazy experience. This when laptops, tablets, smartphones, Wifi etc define an era where emails are second nature to business communications. If youre someone who virtually lives on emails, heres a little brush up on the single most crucial element most likely to induce a breakdown on the go. SMTP or the outgoing email server regulates your outgoing emails. It is a standard protocol server for outgoing emails. Every email client (Outlook, Eudora, Gmail, Yahoo etc) warrants that its outgoing SMTP configuration syncs with the ISP. And this is a big challenge on the move, under heaps of network and ISP changes. When your device cant set up your email clients SMTP, your emails come unstuck. This explains why broken down emailing or nagging device prompts on SMTP settings are so common on the go. Its next to impossible going through the legwork of setting up your SMTP at every network change. Broadly, this makes the premise of subscribing to a free smtp server service. The greatest draw of a good third-party free SMTP server is it works universally across the board–across devices, email clients, and ISPs. And if you go with a free outgoing smtp server like Mysendmail, you get the big added advantage of emailing free without having to set up new email accounts. To take it from the top, all you need is Mysendmail linked to your email client as the free outgoing mail server. Next up, network zones! No more email hang-ups while cutting across network zones. Mysendmails universal SMTP server mechanism is well-guarded against successive network and ISP changes. To top it, theres no legwork. Once your device locks into Mysendmail, its SMTP settings auto-sync at every network swop. Furthermore, with TSL/SLL encryptions, Mysendmail totally shuts out spamming and hacking. Every email you send or receive is tracked and monitored to the point of delivery. To safeguard further, your Mysendmail account is always password-protected. When you subscribe to one of our email pricing plans, you enjoy the flexibility to have it customized to your advantage. Base plans start at zero pricing. Mysendmail free smtp server clears the way for emailing seamlessly anywhere on the go. It comes with easy syncing across devices and email clients. With all the features of a universal SMTP server built in, once Mysendmail free smtp service is set into your device, you can forget about it. Robon Reshe is a system analyst in downtown Boston. Mysendmail.com is his strong recommendation for a SMTP EMail Service. To get started, tap into our email pricing plans at .mysendmail.. 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