He is a pioneer in catering space design, he is the first company to operate the restaurant design b www.haole55.com

He is a pioneer in catering space design, he is the first company to operate the restaurant design brand! The word "blue – Sohu interior design alliance", the first concern China design platform "," digital reply won the Liang Zhitian + Taiwan designers the latest HD works of Xiong Huayang, general manager of China Shenzhen Space Design Consultants Ltd. design director. But the teacher was born in scholarly family, graduated from the environmental art specialty, since childhood love painting, artistic creation. After graduating from a famous design company in the country to do the design director, three years after the creation of their own companies, high-end restaurants, clubs, restaurants service. At the modern Chinese style design, by the media as "modern Chinese design leader". 12 years, bear Huayang design project won many domestic and international design awards, customers get a wide range of trust works. In the early years, CCTV has been rated as the most potential of cutting-edge designers, in recent years gradually withdraw from the media, to do project responsibility. Won the IDCFC dining space and commercial space class Silver Bronze Award; in 2011 won the "Jintang award 2011China-Designer outstanding catering space design"; in 2011 won the "best restaurant design agency Diamond Award"; in 2011 won the "outstanding cross-strait interior design competition" catering Architecture Award; in 2010 won the "09 outstanding designer" won the title; "China hundred outstanding interior architect" title; the team led by IDCFC was named "Shenzhen 2006 outstanding interior design company". Xiong Huayang: Vietnam powder store Dongguan shop: Xiong Huayang Wang Meng Niu Niu Meng Wang Dongguan Vietnam powder shop store Xiong Huayang: fish shop – Star carbon pot incense alliance ten years interior design masterpiece: decoration drawings works click on the images to see details of books (Book + Electronic Edition) this month promotional price: 200 yuan 170 construction drawings of a hardcover book! Order hotline: 010-56320024 QQ:80009372 click on the "read the original" directly submit orders!相关的主题文章: