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Harbin city swimming sports training center of local water pollution start new network responsibility – Xinhua news agency in Harbin on 26 August, (reporter Wang Junbao) the evening of 26 reporters learned from relevant departments of Harbin City, Harbin city swimming sports training center hundreds of children infected with incident stage investigation results have been obtained, the swimming pool water pollution is serious, the local has started accountability. In August 23rd, the Harbin Municipal Sports Bureau, Harbin Municipal Center for disease control, Harbin city health authority has received part of their parents, children learn in Harbin swimming sport training center summer swimming period, high fever, redness of the eyes swollen, sore throat and other symptoms, and to the hospital. After investigation, the swimming center (underground a layer of 5 to 8 year olds from July 11th to August 23rd, the training pool) to recruit a total of 1100 students were in the summer, the swimming center underground pool for swimming training. As at 16 o’clock on August 25th, through the registration and enrollment of students with abnormal physical condition of the students, including 185 people hospitalized, who have been discharged from hospital (including a total of 28 people), outpatient treatment of 121 people. According to the results of the Harbin Municipal Center for the detection of water samples collected in the pool, the pool of E.coli, bacteria, etc. are much higher than the national standard, serious water pollution. Currently, led by the Harbin Municipal Bureau of investigation, the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau and other relevant units of the investigation and accountability group, has been stationed in the swimming center 26, the relevant units and individuals to conduct accountability survey.相关的主题文章: