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Hang on the box, exclusive band music is from 16 years old to do – Sohu culture channel lead: band hang on the box was founded in 1998, is Chinese after the women’s Cobra band and a female rock band, 1999, three members of the original band has been made for emerging human representatives the girl Chinese topped Newsweek cover (Newsweek), in September of the same year, the lead singer Wang Yue appeared in the magazine cover at the same time, Mao Zedong and Clinton, entitled "China 50 years celebration". Later, the band has undergone several restructuring, now the members except lead singer Wang Yue, the other three all shake: Xu Jingchen guitar, bass drums north, de hess. Adhere to the 18 years of lead singer Wang Yue talked about the reorganization of the band, she felt that the structure and technical level, more perfect, musicians can accumulated so many years acting to foil, there are some new music impact on the level of consciousness, the song playing guitar plus electronic, to find out some new music play, ideal the state is after the music may be more a powerful and unconstrained style to explore more consciousness. Newly added guitarist Xu Jingchen is the original Hanggai old musician, he said "the art of this kind of thing, must be higher than life, since you don’t want to be all entertainment, you are all in the eyes of a thorn, so I feel very good". Hanging band interviews hit nine years in the tangled in the box, now eat culture: you tangled Sohu was founded in the nine years? Wang Yue: founded in 1998. In 1995, when I was in high school, I wanted to get a band with Irina. So at the beginning, we hang on the box band music is with many elements. It is a punk temperament rock band, not a punk band, but also because Irina Yang Fan, several of us love music is messy, we love music more concentrated in the atmosphere with this piece of offbeat avant-garde music. Xu Baba (Xu Jingchen) when I was 15 years old good friend, the two of us in the street because the guitar know, then I will not stubble Qin, what will give people a stubble when Dad, Xu played quite slip. He started in the T9 band, later renamed Hanggai, Hanggai singer is our original bassist for his younger brother. Sohu culture: what kind of rock music are you in touch with? Wang Yue: I didn’t hear much of Cui Jian’s music. I went to the Xinhua Bookstore to see all the tapes, looking at more interested in, with rock and roll music I have to buy, for example, the Chinese fire, the Tang Dynasty, as well as Zheng Jun, as well as the golden martial arts, and later bought abroad. May 1995 found a hit with the shop near the school, began to play with the career of amoy. When you get the little information, but a lot of a lot of tape, you don’t know, you need to know it through a medium, to buy it, then we may just know The Beatles, just know this will buy it, and just started to buy you do not know, 100 dollars 3, 1995 100 dollars 3.相关的主题文章: