Guangzhou 105 departments of public sector over 80% last year to reduce the three books ppbox

Guangzhou 105 departments of public sector over 80% books last year – this version of three reduced overall information times reporter Huang Yan Liu Yuxiong edition the author information times reporter Liu Yu Xiong Huangyan trainee reporter Cheng Xiaozhen Luo Zijie yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Department of public sector accounts for the year 2015, as of 22 pm yesterday, 105 PUBLIC sector books. This year’s books, three funding and conference expenses in more detail, involves going abroad (border) funds, detailed description of how many people went to the countries and regions, what what to do so. The latest release of the 105 city level departments to open the books to the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Finance said that the 2015 annual city level unified public sector accounts on that day in October 28, 2016, and the unified model. The content of the public includes the general situation of the Department, 10 departments of the final accounts form, the relevant circumstances, the main achievements of the 2015 year and the interpretation of the terms of the contents of the 5 parts. The 10 sector accounts table, table 9 is a reference to superior practices "basic action, in addition to the" non tax revenue collection table "is reserved for" Guangzhou city has the characteristics of freestyle". According to reports, all the city’s budget departments should be in accordance with the procedures of the public sector accounts. However, the content of the state secrets shall be submitted to the Municipal Finance Bureau for the record in accordance with the relevant provisions of the secrecy law and its implementing regulations, and shall be submitted to the Municipal Finance Bureau for examination and approval after the examination and approval of the confidential administrative department, and shall be stripped off in the final accounts. As of 22 pm yesterday, the reporter statistics found that a total of 105 public sector books this year open the books Department number. The new aspect where what go abroad with the City Financial Bureau announced that this year’s non tax revenue collection department of public accounts to further refine the "zixuandongzuo" content, the table open to order, for the refinement of the non tax revenue income subject. Such as: administrative fees into public high school, college tuition, etc.. In addition, three funds and conference fees and expenses more comprehensive and detailed. Three funds and conference fees and expenses on the basis of public spending on the basis of the previous year to increase the budget, but also to reflect the completion of the budget and the use of funds to save the situation. Public templates still require departments to specify the official reception times and batch; top 5 specification levels and expenses the largest meeting expenses; involves going abroad (border) funds, detailed description of going abroad (border) group and the people, to the countries and regions. Reporters browse found that each department involves going abroad, will be listed in detail to the people, where to go, what to do, detailed. In addition, the accounts department will also occupy state-owned assets as an important matter that, according to the classification of specific departments listed the number of vehicles, and that the number of more than 2 million yuan worth of large equipment, so that the public occupation of state-owned assets have a more clear understanding of specific. Reading books in 105 departments published books, including 42 department 7 reporters comb相关的主题文章: