Green travel nearly a hundred subway stations outside the park can be free to stop sharing bicycles

Green travel: nearly a hundred subway stations outside the park can be free to stop sharing bicycles annual car free day will come tomorrow. This year’s theme is "the choice of public transportation, green travel, traffic civilization, begin from me", the city will continue to set up the forbidden line demonstration area, organized by city orienteering and other promotional activities, to provide bus travel convenience, encourage green travel. To promote public green travel, bike sharing Shanghai popular (mainly Mobell cycling), nearly 100 outside the subway station to provide free parking. And the upgrading of the bus in the bus station also stepped up, all electric bus station in central station kiosk, have installed a 55 inch screen waiting information, passengers can timely grasp when the next bus arrival information. Electric bicycle sharing also plans to expand the first stage plus, the city has 71 subway station near the station and non motor vehicle parking charges, the v-mobile bikes free of charge, coupled with the recent Yangpu District subway station to launch a free bicycle parking Mobell measures, is currently free bus stop has increased to nearly 100. Next, the parties will speed up the talks, in order to fight for the establishment of more free parking points outside the subway station to facilitate the city’s civilian vehicles. In addition, another electric car sharing service bicycle units planned extra expansion in Xhenzhuang, white-collar workers, business car passenger demand, parking is as close to the subway station. The next step will also to Qibao and Xujiahui district development plan, the monthly amount in the launch of a new electric car around 3000 cars. Bus central waiting screen has reached thousands of people in order to attract people to join the ranks of green travel, bus group will further improve service facilities. At present, all the central bus station in the station kiosks, have been installed 55 inches large waiting information screen, the number has reached thousands. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in Panyu road 76 bus station to see the back of the waiting seat is a large screen, which shows the 76 Road, is expected to reach the time of 15 points". Not only broadcast the arrival time of the vehicle, on the screen as well as real-time news, public information, waiting passengers will not feel boring. It is reported that, combined with the station intelligent large screen, Shanghai bus mobile APP has covered the bus, Pudong two companies belonging to the 975 bus lines, about 14000 buses, the public to download the amount of 3 million times. At the same time, from 2016 to 2018, the city bus lines bus group electric buses will cover in central 60%, the cumulative saving 62 thousand tons of fuel, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 166 thousand tons, reducing harmful gas emissions 879.8 tons of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides 121 tons 440 tons, 6.6 tons of particulate matter. By 2020, the city’s pure electric buses accounted for 30% of bus ownership, covering the central city bus lines within the central, the initial realization of the bus line, zero emissions, central line outside the low emissions". In addition to the 12 meter long new energy bus, 8 meters, 10 meters on the outskirts of the bus will also have a lot of comfortable new models on the road. Nanjing subway station near the groping touch woman was not found (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep below)相关的主题文章: