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Pets There are many reasons why dog boarding is a perfectly acceptable alternative to leaving your pets at home or having neighbors or friends check in on them occasionally. Dogs are intelligent and generally social creatures and there could be negative consequences if you are not establishing proper care and a routine for them while you are away for short or even extended periods of times due to business, emergency or even family vacations where taking the dog along is not possible. This is where local dog boarding services come into play. Dog boarding is the best way to ensure your dog’s safety and happiness while you’re away. Here are some very good reasons for dog boarding. Exercise Most dogs need to get out and run around. Without exercise their sleep patterns and overall health can be affected. Older dogs or dogs with special conditions may need to not exercise as much. What happens when they’re left to their own devices? Over-exercise, under-exercise or exercise that involves destroying your home and furniture. Dog boarding ensure that your pets get the proper amount of exercise and saves your furniture and floors. Companionship Dogs are pack animals by nature. If you have many dogs you see this all the time, if you have a single dog, you’re their pack. It’s normal for dogs to be tentative at first when in a new situation like a dog boarding business. Once they get over this initial fear they can have fun socializing and playing with their new vacation pack. Food If you leave your pets alone or are having people checking in on them at various times, it’s quite common for an owner to leave an estimate of the amount of food needed. This can often lead to over-eating. What if you didn’t leave enough to fully feed them? The same is true of water. Also think of the possible outcomes of an overfed or watered dog who is waiting for the next visit from a neighbor, friend or extended family member. Accidents happen and cleanup is not fun. Comfort Perhaps you leave the dogs outside to protect the home while you’re gone. Maybe your dog gets nervous or edgy when left alone. Sudden changes in weather can be hard on your animals, dog boarding protects them from the elements. A nervous dog may not sleep well or sleep in places that aren’t comfortable. Dog boarding provides a good space with quality bedding and ventilation that keeps your furry friend as comfortable as they can be; out of the elements and at a proper temperature. They also have the proper amount of lighting. People often forget to think about this. Social animals left in the dark don’t do well, or on the other hand the cost of leaving the lights on the whole time you’re gone may not be ideal for you. As you can see, dog boarding can do a lot to alleviate many concerns for your pets and home when you have to be away for any reason. You will not have to worry about their comfort, if they’re getting enough exercise, or the proper amount of food and water. You also don’t have to worry about arranging for your friends, family or neighbors, who have busy schedules of their own and their own pets to think about, to come and look in on your animals. Chances are pretty good you will return from your time away to a happy and healthy companion, who although they’re ecstatic see you, wouldn’t mind another vacation of their own again sometime in the near future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: