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Galaxy Note 7 Chinese version also exploded? Samsung has said no security technology [Technews] Sohu science news Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because there is a battery explosion risk, has launched a global recall, for sale in the market Chinese Galaxy Note 7 configuration is not SDI to supply battery and not in the scope of the recall, China recently issued a document called friends to buy their own in Jingdong mall Galaxy Note 7 under normal operation condition of explosion, Samsung also did not respond on the matter. In September 18, 2016 a China users on the network issued a document that buy their own e-commerce platform in the Jingdong store Samsung Galaxy Note 7 version of the blue coral in the course of normal use of mobile phone suddenly a black screen, body shaking, then it exploded, but fortunately no casualties. The user also issued an explosion after the Galaxy Note 7 photos and purchase records. From the picture and the previous Galaxy Note 7 explosion similar to the body part of the charred, completely damaged. Jingdong mall has confirmed the authenticity of the purchase order, the supplier for Samsung electronics. It is understood that Samsung will on the explosion of Galaxy Note 7 were detected, no other response. China market sale of the Galaxy Note 7 is not within the scope of the recall, Samsung has announced that in addition to the PR test machine before the official sale, there are no security risks, part of public relations in the market from July 20, 2016 to August 5, 2016 China recall during manufacturing test Galaxy Note 7. The number of Galaxy Note 7, China telephone of the affected areas is 1858, above the explosion of Galaxy Note 7 is not within the scope of the recall in aircraft. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still in the Chinese market sales. Further reading: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: