Four Inner Rules In World Of Warcraft Gold Trade You Should

Arts-and-Entertainment Hidden rules exist among everything, especially in this high-speed developing information time of 21 century. World of warcraft is not an exception, there are so many hidden rules in the process of wow gold trading business. No doubt you can benefit more if you know these rules. But few of players or wow gold sellers will tell you the secret, because it will affects many people. You are so lucky to read this article, a friend of mine used to be a wow gold farmer, and he told me many hidden facts in wow gold trading business. You want to know? First of all, the quantity of wow gold you buy decide the delivery speed of the seller. But dont think you can receive the gold if you buy less than 5000g, actually, they will usually send gold to the larger wow gold buyers firstly. Thats to say, they tend to finish the big deals every time. For instance, if you order 50k from the wow gold seller, and there is another buyer bought 5000g at the same time. Dont worried about waiting for so long in game, you will be the first one to get the gold. The delivery guy are so busy every day, they have to transfer from different servers and login to different characters, so they would much like to complete big deals to earn more real money for themselves. When you want to buy wow gold online, dont just choose to search cheap wow gold through Google. The wow gold that is too cheap are not good at all. Some of them are stolen from others. We can always see someone whispering in wow that they have cheap wow gold for sale, be careful about this. Remember cheap goods are with bad quality most of the time. If the cheap wow gold you buy is stolen from others, it will make you wow account being banned. You want to take this risk? How to quickly find out the most reliable wow gold seller is a key point. But you can take these tips into consideration. Go to visit their website and see if they update their web page timely. If no update for a long time, it shows that they are lack of maintenance. There are situations happened before that you placed the order and paid for it, but no one shows up anymore. Dont be cheated again. Of course there are good website, like ..wowwowgold.. , I use to buy wow gold from them, and I introduced to my friends, they also said it is really a good choice for wow players.  After you place the order, check your mail box, because the seller has to confirm your order information before they make the delivery. Sometimes, they choose to call you, its timely if you are not online. This procedure can make sure you put the right character information on your order, so that they can send the gold to the right person. Dont thought it is not necessary, those seller who did these if more responsible for your money, dont you think so? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: