Foshan, Chancheng to create a creative city ca1477

Foshan Chancheng to build the "Chancheng District of Foshan City, creating the city" is located in downtown Foshan, highlighting the advantage, innovation and entrepreneurship support rapid development, now has 2 state-level technology business incubators, 3 National Science and technology enterprise incubator unit (Provincial Science and technology business incubator), 6 Municipal Science and technology enterprises incubator units and 6 small enterprises in Guangdong Province, there are a number of dimensions of a creative industrial park, park theme Innovation Industrial Park, and improve the traffic, life, public services and other facilities, the park with hatching characteristics, dislocation development, enterprises in the industry more obvious boundaries. Since 2016, Foshan City, Chancheng to promote economic and Technological Exploration Bureau to accelerate the construction of entrepreneurial innovation park district towns linkage model, by injecting innovative core elements to activate the existing industrial park, to create a good "incubator chain business incubator nursery + + accelerator + Industrial Park". In particular to "government guidance and market operation, resource sharing, dislocation development" principle, in each town (street) from a park for example, to support the special support fund for the support, in accordance with the "mature one push a" rhythm, in order to promote the town were to create a theme Street bright, distinctive, dislocation of the development of the public record space, cultivate new economic growth points and industry in our region. Innovation industrial park construction at present, Southern China Chancheng Zhangcha hit the valley in March officially launched at the end of the pushing cluster development strategies and long-term integration of the surrounding land contiguous development, overall planning and construction of a total volume of 420 thousand square meters set "project – creative – Talent – Incubator – resources – capital – grafting accelerator" is equal to one the heights of innovation and entrepreneurship. Has completed the core promoter region hit off the headquarters building (40 thousand square metres) of the pre investment work in 37 projects, of which the first batch of enterprises, Ai Beiyi, pear furniture, Berlin science and technology here, star America international cinema, Li Feng Hotel also officially opened on June. The Temple Street – Jing Chong poly harvest in early May officially launched around the theme of development innovation venture industry, the integration of Temple Street harvest Bay area covers an area of approximately 700 acres of land, the implementation of the integration of continuous development, build innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem "technology and Incubator – Creative incubation – financing – brand marketing public entrepreneurship show – accelerated integration of the tourism leisure". It has attracted a large number of North Southern China UAV base, venture capital Foshan innovation Valley, China Technology Development Institute, Xi Wu clothing children’s clothing electricity supplier, YOU+ youth community and other quality projects in Chinese Innovation Board landing project demonstration area (Chancheng) listing, held a "Foshan youth double – amount of cyanine tronica show" and "Chancheng Cup – a youth" and other activities, and has been highly recognized Secretary Lu Yi, youth entrepreneurship atmosphere has been formed. Shiwan and Nanzhuang are also combined with the area of industrial development characteristics in the construction planning. Build a platform to do the contest led by the government to hold an annual entrepreneurship competition for entrepreneurs from all walks of life to tap high-quality projects. As of 2016, has been successfully held two sessions, the first two winners have successfully found the appropriate resources docking in Chancheng development, this year’s contest starts at the end of June, held.相关的主题文章: