Former hero of Ukraine into a traitor accused of dealing with Russia behind the scenes-vidalia

Former hero of Ukraine into a traitor accused of dealing with Russia behind the original title: Ukraine female hero accused of treason or because of its behind the scenes deal with Russia, should be prosecuted for treason." This is the Ukraine politicians in the former "national hero", Fuqin, Nadezhda to Moscow expressed dissatisfaction with the sa. According to RIA Novosti reported 27, Savchenko suddenly arrived in Moscow, Russia’s Supreme Court on the 26. The purpose of her visit is to support the Russian nationalists in Ukraine and Karl Pugh J were sentenced. In May this year, the two men involved in the military operations against Russian soldiers in Chechnya, was sentenced to a maximum of $22 and a half years in Chechnya and 20 years in prison. Russia’s Supreme Court 26 judgment of this judgment effective. Savchenko, wearing a traditional embroidered shirt and black trousers in Ukraine, shouted in court that "glory belongs to Ukraine."! Glory belongs to the hero!" Slogan. Russia’s "business man" 27 reported that the Russian side of Savchenko’s reaction to Moscow dull. Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov, 26, said the Moscow Kremlin did not think there is no reason to respond to Moscow to come to Moscow, because she has not been banned from entering the country, said Savchenko. But Savchenko’s move sparked controversy in Ukraine. Savchenko’s opposition party, the motherland, supported her move. Tymoshenko, the party leader, said: "I am sorry that our government has not gone to court to support our partners in russia. Her trip to Moscow was a heroic act." But most of Ukraine’s politicians have criticized Savchenko, suspected that she was behind the scenes with Moscow Kremlin, and even accused her of being a traitor and spy. Leah J C, the leader of the radical party, said that Russia’s prosecution of Mr. Savchenko was able to make his way to moscow. Only a fool would believe that she had no prior agreement with rival Moscow and Moscow Kremlin. From the president Poroshenko parliamentary caucus members said that Savchenko went to Moscow Tymoshenko is the implementation of the president of the anti mass movement part. Ukraine presidential palace sources said, in the Department of Fuqin SA after returning to Kiev, she accused to unauthorised to "aggressor" and its anti – government position crime. Russian experts believe that Savchenko from the former hero became a traitor, indicating that the further intensification of the domestic political struggle in Ukraine. Liu Yupeng editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: