Foreign media comment these days stereotypes to youth film Sohu – the ultimate Entertainment

Foreign media comment: "these days" stereotypes to youth film Sohu – the ultimate entertainment Italy director Zhu Saipei beach new "these days" oni "these days the main competition finalists" conference, the creative debut (from "variety" compilation head is a middle-aged man) took Italy girl growth down. Giuseppe: this a full hybrid Beach "these days" seems to be in accordance with the recipes shot, want to plot the packaging hypocritically into realism, it didn’t work. The film set — four girls drove to Belgrade — itself is not down to earth. As for the role of each story, a young cynic is lesbian, a cancer, a pregnant, there is a face of emotional problems. The goods in the end is taken to see who ah? Today’s young people must have been fed up with what they call their own inner world on the screen and the words "we think the whole future is in front of us.". Plus the unbearable because of BGM, this movie simply does not have the value of existence.     the setting of Metaphorical "roadmap" is really not more straightforward. The first scene is in the classroom lectures professor Mariani Paradise Lost theme, after Angela in the candlelight to a friend telling story is another example of the lack of originality in the film. Then, the director realized that he must have some ideas, so he arranged a few girls looking at the camera, with a voiceover speech, seems to think that this will strengthen the relationship between the audience and the role, let people understand their innermost thoughts. However, this futile, because the whole story and dialogue are too fake. Sullen lesbian Katrina received a phone call may be ex girlfriend Mina, who introduced a Belgrade hotel service work. So, after the end of the semester, Katrina invited three friends – Angela, and the United States and the United States, together with the foot of the road trip on the road, and then, on the road to the road, the friends. Each of the girls had their own troubles. Liliana has just been diagnosed with cancer, but she’s not going to tell anyone, including her single hairdresser mother. Anna is pregnant, but she doesn’t have a serious relationship with her father. Angela was too handsome boyfriend Valerio did not have any confidence. The girls ferry arrived at a camp in Montenegro, met the enthusiasm of Serbia juvenile Milos Glenn and Liliana and Anna two people respectively to express the feeling of love. Katrina is not happy, so the girls to go on the road, finally arrived in Belgrade, saw the ruffian full of Mina, began to take part in all kinds of cool parties and adventure activities. At the same time, Liliana’s mother found her daughter’s cancer diagnosis, trying to suppress the inner grief. Professor Mariani came to the door, he hesitated whether to confess their feelings to the students — this is in no way teachers and students love elements, and the writer did not seem to realize this is not appropriate. However, in the Italy film open thinking system, once fell in love, as long as the male big female small, nothing seems to have unspeakable. Piccioni.相关的主题文章: