Financing the millions of HUAWEI entrepreneurs to help all small and micro enterprises customized

Millions of dollars to finance the Department of HUAWEI entrepreneurs to help all small and micro enterprises customized insurance services in February 2016, HUAWEI employees leave the camp and added a member. Has been working at HUAWEI for 8 years Ren Haibo quit high paying jobs, with the team created the Internet business insurance platform – Bao dispensers. Set foot on the road of entrepreneurship, as waves and not on impulse, "before doing SaaS PaaS platform operation in HUAWEI, there are a lot of above polymerization of third party business software provider, they are also considered to be one of my initial customer groups." However, even if there is such a soil, Ren Hai is still not a native insurer. Before entering the Internet insurance industry, he conducted a six months of market research. After comparing hundreds of Internet insurance companies, he found that small and micro enterprises demand for insurance is very strong, but there is no market for them or tailored insurance products". The treasurer Paul came into being — was designed to help small businesses is one of the custom of insurance products, insurance companies and then docking product landing. Unlike other platforms, Paul dispensers by B2B2B route, which is a small foothold in the B side, rather than the individual end. Recently, the treasurer Paul announced Jing Kui capital lead investor, Wu ring investment capital with millions of Yuan Angel round of financing. Determine B2B2B positioning, differentiated competition in HUAWEI’s 8 years, Ren Haibo has served as assistant to the president, engaged in products, markets, operations and other positions…… Now it seems that every turn seems to be in a complete entrepreneurial experience to do reserves. And HUAWEI to its greatest impact is the B2B gene. Before the venture, Ren Haibo studied more than and 300 companies and found that many of the current Internet insurance business enterprises, whether it is customized or customized enterprise, and finally more B2B2C model. At the same time, Small and micro businesses hope someone to help them complete the risk assessment and develop an insurance program according to the specific product, "the traditional insurance companies are unwilling to do one time cost is relatively high, the two is underwriting a cumbersome, single down may be running back and forth several times to. For insurance companies in terms of small and micro enterprises is far less than the price of large companies". And this is where the opportunity to start a company, small and micro enterprises deal with relatively easy, both to improve efficiency and reduce costs". Leading the investment cyanine Kwai Capital Partners Cai Jingzhong said: "Paul treasurer is provided online insurance, customer service platform, center customers through these large customers for its downstream based trading scene or customized based on the data of micro insurance products, the product has unique characteristics, in the sales channels also have a cost advantage and good great experience." Ren Haibo said: the scene of the insurance must be the future direction of the development of Internet insurance, product customization based on this will become a trend." Ren Haibo combed Paul treasurer profit model: at this stage mainly rely on the insurance company’s Commission, but after a certain industry penetration, such as formaldehyde detection and jointly launched the "king of children, we do the market research, it is not only an insurance, or a precise traffic entrance, the latter can to profit through a variety of services into." From scene customization to ecological service.相关的主题文章: