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Every housewife is good at managing the family, are outstanding managers concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public, "Wen said" return to the family that many of my classmates are now returning to the family as a housewife, my parents invariably surface their pity – my mother said: "ah!? It is not easy to test such a good school, not a pity?" My dad is just an account: 9 year compulsory education, read three years of high school home to spend at least ten thousand dollars, and then after college, tuition per semester more than 6 thousand, a monthly subsidy of 150 yuan before meals, plus expenses and fees, or at least one hundred thousand blocks, you say, ten years 100 thousand former training a university graduate, finally being a housewife, this is not the money? If only from the economic accounts, housewives have no real income, ROI is really good. Whenever I do not want to work, to consider the "rest", my dad would count jingjizhang, at that time I really have nothing to say. But after ten years of work, I also get married and have children, look at those who work full-time at home, friends, for girls with higher education, want to do a housewife, but feel that this does not apply to the economic principle. I fully understand the parents’ generation of housewives worried: in the previous generation, the housewife is a helpless choice: not employment, not employment, laid off or have no choice at all. In our generation, most housewives are the result of free choice. The last generation felt that because of the higher education is the surface of a person to complete, and behind the need to pour into a family, a family and even the community of human, material and resources to complete. During the past few years, such as a day of painstaking efforts, should be expected to pay the corresponding value. What is the value of the "return on investment in education"? Make money, there is a visible income, realize self value, is a kind of return. And if you are willing to choose to return to the family, rather than for the sake of the sacrifice of others, and ultimately create a family happiness and harmony – this return should be more valuable?! In the book of Harvard Negotiation, it tells the story of the author himself as a Harvard Negotiation lecturer, or a professional advisor to the president of the United States, whose mother was a pioneer in her era. In the era of women generally do not work, her mother often because of their own work, so that her husband to pick up the child, and other housewives are crowding out. The irony is that such a time to work for female pioneer, but a group of students with different personalities of children – the author’s sister has in Princeton and Connell’s top schools to receive education, but the results in the married, to become a housewife. The thing that mother was furious. She couldn’t believe her daughter "won the Fulbright scholarship in take, actually choose to stay home and watch the children". So as long as there is a chance, she criticized the big daughter criticized the waste相关的主题文章: