Embarrassed! Cristiano Bernabeu for the first time by four zero closure risk sinners (video)-yo te amo

Embarrassed! For the first time Bernabeu was four C Ronaldo zero closure risk [2-1] sinners like Real Madrid, Bilbao morata lore C Ronaldo repeatedly miss Tencent sports news in October 24th Bernabeu beat the Bilbao athletics battle, on the second half of the last moment to miss a single opportunity C Ronaldo almost become a real sinner cannot win (data). After the 11 shots to score first, C Ronaldo at Real Madrid for 4 consecutive home court failed to score, nearly 768 minutes, the Portuguese striker has only scored 2 goals. C Luo campaign is still hard to find the real shooting boots 24 shot 8 shots, C Luo County is out of 11 feet, but only 2 shots. It is worth emphasizing that the 2 shot is the Portuguese striker from the pole, before the end of the first half, C Ronaldo went into the restricted area right rib, face out of the Portuguese forward but not yilaisuosi, the ball to the player in a better position, but the choice of low shot, the letter is the keeper. After seeing C Ronaldo missed the opportunity to single handedly, Zidane on the sidelines of applause for refueling. Only in the first 45 minutes, C Luo has a shot at the foot of the foot, you know, the Portuguese striker in the first half and only a 10 foot pass, and Williams tied for the fewest players pass. The first half missed pole C Ronaldo, obviously affected the mentality. With physical decline, Bilbao’s defense C Luo repeatedly in the Its loopholes appeared one after another., the unmarked case shot, however, whether it is a sixty-seventh minute header, or seventieth minutes of the restricted area arc fire, Portugal striker did not find the sight. Fourth minutes of stoppage time, Vasquez selfless ball, C Luo again to get the single opportunity, but also once again chose the greedy shot result has once again been yilaisuosi letter. Successive missed scoring opportunities, so C Lo also lost confidence, the Portuguese striker kept shaking his head on the field, biting his lips, and even painted a cross. Marcello after the game interview bluntly: C Ronaldo, of course, want to score. He helped the team on the pitch, not just the goal. It is natural that a striker would of course want to score." After 11 shots but has been unable to break through the goal of competitive Bilbao, C Luo has 4 consecutive home court failed to break the Portuguese striker since 2009 for the first time since joining Real madrid. After two consecutive break before the season war aosasuna, Lisbon athletics goal, C Luo nearly 7 appearances only scored 2 goals, and since the Lisbon athletics battle broke eighty-ninth minutes since, C Ronaldo scored 2 goals in only 768 minutes, every 384 minutes into a ball. C Ronaldo also led to BBC production, the number of goals straight down, 2013-14 season, BBC scored 11 goals in La Liga during the same period, C Ronaldo scored 8 goals in the 2014-15 season, BBC scored 24 goals, C Ronaldo scored 16 goals in the last season, BBC scored 15 goals, C Ronaldo scored 7 goals. So far this season, BBC scored only 9 goals in La Liga, C Ronaldo has only scored 2 goals. In fact, C Ronaldo is not the lack of a shot, nearly 3 appearances for Real Madrid, Portugal striker a total of 28 shots, but only scored 1 goals, C Ronaldo could not find the shooting boots, let Real Madrid’s top scorer appeared a rare sight. The goal of the game, Benzema)相关的主题文章: