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Inter.-and-Business-Online It doesn’t matter if you run a shop on Main Street of your hometown or have a store on eBay, your reputation as a seller is crucial to your success. Your credibility as an honest, dedicated and dependable seller is the most important factor in getting people to buy from you. If you aren’t seen as credible the buyer will click and move on. There are several ways on eBay that a Seller can build their reputation and credibility. At the top of the list is feedback. As a seller, you should respond immediately when feedback is given. Buyers like to know that you are there for them. If you don’t leave feedback promptly, your customers will shop next door. If you are serious about your online business, you should be available to your customers. When buyers ask a question, obviously, they are interested in buying from you. If you don’t respond promptly, they will just move on. A timely, courteous answer to inquiries shows that you care about your customers and your business. Always make sure your eBay contact information is up to date and if you aren’t available to answer questions, make sure someone is. You should definitely try to achieve PowerSeller status. EBay invites you to join the PowerSeller program based on the amount of your sales, the number of transactions you make, your account status and your feedback. There are definitely perks associated with being a PowerSeller. You get the recognition of this status with an icon next to your name on all of your listings. You are seen as a powerhouse on eBay and a top-of-the-line seller. Your sales will increase with this recognition. No matter what you sell, you should always provide a no questions asked, money back guarantee. This eliminates any doubt in the buyer’s mind as to your credibility. If a buyer is confident that he will not lose his money, he is far more likely to buy from you. The number of buyers that ask for a refund is so small that it just isn’t worth it to try to get around offering a refund policy. It is better to refund a purchase and receive positive feedback for your honesty and integrity than it is to save a couple of dollars and have an unhappy customer who will never buy from you again. When you send your customer his product, surprise him with a bonus. Everyone likes to get something for free! He will remember you for doing that and when he shops again, guess where he will look? Don’t include the bonus in your sales listing; just include it with his purchase. The great thing about this is that if he is just a little bit disappointed in his purchase (make sure this never happens), you just made up for it with your generous gift. You will rarely be asked for a refund if you deliver far more than the buyer bought. How can you go wrong with this strategy? Use it and you will see your feedback soar. Not only will your feedback soar, your credibility as one of the best sellers on eBay will skyrocket! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: