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Double 11 courier was violent sorting: Crazy slam do not care about in the past just double the electricity supplier Shopping Festival turnover again refresh the historical record, followed by the logistics problem of 11. This year, many electricity providers are 11 pairs of logistics and distribution put forward higher requirements for aging, and therefore in some of the parcel processing capacity of large courier points, violent sorting behavior frequently staged. Reference news reports, domestic media found in Zhengzhou and Jiangxi in Henan Nanchang express transit station placement process, the staff in the unloading and sorting packages and other aspects of "violence", do not care whether the package is damaged, the presence of the parcel and crashed into a guardrail and ground sound can be heard without end. The staff also stepped on the package, and even sat on the package. According to the courier staff revealed that although the "throw, fall, sit, play" behavior is not allowed, but few employees comply with the relevant regulations, especially in the "double 11" period, a courier station to deal with more than 200 thousand packages, the volume is usually three or four times. Therefore, they can only use "violence piece" to accelerate the processing speed. In unannounced visits to the investigation process, more express staff of the sort of violence behave without care, it is claimed that the "damage compensate us for the boss."相关的主题文章: