Domestic independent game masterpiece candle landing BNM xboxone-denka

Domestic independent game masterpiece "candle" landing BNM XboxOne November 2016 Microsoft Chinese and 100 announced today that the independent game in the blockbuster "candle" ingenuity will officially visit the country line version of the Xbox One in November 18th, the price of 79 yuan. Game player can in the Xbox online store by Alipay and other ways to buy. [introduction] "candle man game" candle is a cross Beijing code Creative Digital Technology Co. Ltd. developed a 3D platform action adventure game, from 100 to issue in China market. This game is the most attractive place is the unique gameplay and touching story, 3D exquisite picture of the game is one of the highlights in the game; you will help a small candle burn only 10 seconds, to explore the world of darkness, for distant light. In this interesting adventure adventure behind the story, but also hidden a very realistic background story waiting for you to explore……" The candles [history] game – "candle" idea was born in Ludum Dare 48 hours of game development challenge, after selected Microsoft ID@@Xbox plan; -? 2016, in IndiePlay Chinese independent game contest, won the "best game award"; in 2016, the Tencent -? GAD independent game developer contest, won the "best game award"; -? 2016, to participate in the game developers conference GDC, overseas media Gamespot named the best 8 indie games one of the game [features] – unique gameplay in the seemingly beautiful game crisis four volts, game player should be reasonably allocated candle burning 10 seconds to bring light, rely on groping about memory in the dark. See the little candle little by little, one point one points to burn out, a dark every time the price of light is about to go to the end of their own. Players need to be careful to choose the opportunity to ignite the second, and the unknown road ahead and challenges are full of expectations. Have an amazing candle light effect – exquisite picture of the game game, it can be used to describe the gorgeous and delicate modeling processing, frame rate is stable. Dynamic shadow rich express a fantasy world of mystery and beauty! The candle – rich and varied challenges facing the unique puzzle consisting of trap light and shadow, the candle can walk, jump, to avoid obstacles, to complete the level is different, the dark candle hazy, only by the natural environment under the weak light, can have a vague understanding of the the surrounding environment, and in the depths of darkness, buried a lot of possibilities, may be dangerous (such as cliff, trap like) or hidden; can help themselves through the barrier of plants. The candle – inspiring tales help weak small candles dedicated out of the dark and bright search in the sinking of the big world, the fate is basically the same, even so, we should be in a limited self value in play.相关的主题文章: