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Coffee don’t know Starbucks, there are a lot of Changchun you do not know the high – and Sohu a bit greedy delicacy! Great benefits are waiting for you! Changchun chowhound WeChat group public number cccht6 Changchun chowhound who is coming to the bowl. The hustle and bustle of the city, busy work tired, tired… Maybe… You only need a cup of coffee, a book in a quiet space and the lazy sunshine to relax! There are several yen value guards cure cafe to see which one is just passing through your heart…??? "85°"; the source of coffee into the store and sat down, feeling very relaxed, a cup of coffee, warm, really hope that time still at this moment! If you and your friends come together, a little snack, laughing and talking, talk about the past, now, to talk about the future, very good! Address: Chaoyang District, No. 765 West Lake (Changchun opposite the cinema): 41 yuan per capita of all "Zoo Coffee" circle of love the taste of green tea, cake, ice cream and coffee are delicious! So he’s green Matcha coffee is recommended to you! Yan Zhichao’s high dessert, all very delicate! Inside the coffee shop, there are animal decoration environment. In the middle of a pile of toys, there is a girl who will be in a good mood! Address: free road and Lixin street intersection (Lixin Street) 46 yuan per capita: "Caffe bene" coffee to accompany your coffee with your Caffe bene is a Korean coffee brand shop, always kept in Korean music, romantic atmosphere and look forward to a beautiful encounter obama! Although the weather becomes cool, but the room heating and windows into the sunshine, and you can not help but want to point a cup of green tea ice cream! A second into the summer feeling. Shop in the Chittagong side, many students love it here, open book, dating, chat…… Everywhere permeated with the breath of youth! Address: South School Chittagong Zhiyuan Street No. 440: 41 yuan per capita "diffuse" coffee diffuse coffee is I love coffee shop, remember before each examination and roommate with information here! A cup of cappuccino, quietly on the small half review! Coffee, dessert is very delicate! Feel like a taste of art, can not bear it. Address: block B Plaza Xi’an Road (Kangping Jifa Street): 54 yuan per capita "union" on the coffee latte cold milk bubble jacquard is very delicate, when to drink the first before, always take the mobile phone to take a picture of it before recording it pretty! A person eating is always a bit of loneliness, to handle a simple meal of coffee a cup of coffee, quietly enjoy the afternoon sun, even if a person, is a kind of enjoyment)相关的主题文章: