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Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations: facing energy sustainable development challenges more than expected – Deputy Secretary of Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in October 7, the United Nations Secretary Wu Hongbo said in Hongkong on 7, facing the energy sustainable development challenges than imagined, shortage of energy, oil and natural gas are gradually reduced; the energy structure is not reasonable, the heavy use of coal, a short period of time can not replace; energy distribution is not reasonable, the developed countries use a lot of energy, and gradually improve the living in developing countries, also need energy. Hongkong, China Energy Fund 7, held here on the "energy and Sustainable Transport Forum, invited a number of officials of the United Nations and the international energy experts, to achieve the goal of sustainable development and the United Nations system can promote the transport of sustainable development are discussed. Wu Hongbo pointed out that the current global greenhouse gas 1/4 is generated by the fossil fuel based transport emissions, resulting in nearly 4 million deaths worldwide, most cases from developing countries. To this end, the United Nations passed 2030 "sustainable development agenda" in September 2015, this is the blueprint for the future sustainable development of human beings, is everyone’s agenda, in order to achieve sustainable development, need every man on the earth to make action. Sustainable transportation is an important issue for the United Nations, Wu Hongbo said. By 2050, the world will have 2 billion 500 million population moving into the city, especially in Asia and Africa, energy and sustainable traffic must be studied together, in order to effectively solve the problems of city urbanization, such as traffic jam and traffic pollution. Countries should learn from each other and work together to deal with traffic and energy issues. Hongkong, China Energy Fund Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General He Zhiping said that the development of the transportation system not only emphasizes the sustainable economy, to fulfill the environmental responsibility, and encourage open, sharing. Hongkong is one of the world’s busiest transportation hub, with a large and mature collective public transportation systems and infrastructure, over the years become the transportation development of the international community and reference model, but Hongkong will inevitably encounter in developed countries and regions, the common traffic problems. Hongkong must catch up with the trend of the world, promoting innovation and sharing of transportation system and experience through Internet technology, to achieve the most of resources and traffic conditions, reduce the consumption of city people. The International Energy Agency, the former executive director, said that how to produce energy in a more sustainable way is a very important problem facing the world today. The world currently has a population of 7 billion 300 million, 15 to 20 years, will increase to 9 billion people, everyone should use light, also have to take transportation to work and vacation, the growth in demand for energy is very obvious, in a more sustainable way of energy production is very important; in addition, economic growth requires energy, especially is the demand for energy in the process of economic growth in large developing countries. The former president of Shell oil company John? Hof Meister said that Chinese energy diplomacy is very creative, can be brought to the needs of the local energy. Get help from people in countries and regions to correctly understand and appreciate energy diplomacy相关的主题文章: