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Dehua white porcelain rising price collection value is further mining – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Dehua white porcelain rising price collection value is further along with the change of mining concept, modern porcelain with its beautiful shape, reasonable price and rich appreciation potential in the collection market is increasingly hot. And as the representative of China’s white porcelain – Dehua porcelain, because of the value of collection has been further excavated, it has gradually moved to the high-end market. Chinese porcelain has a long history and a wide variety of products. In addition to the elegant and colorful blue and white porcelain, a variety of elegant white porcelain is popular. Although the white porcelain looks not beautiful patterns and bright colors, but show the natural beauty of the chastity. I was in Pudong a famous ceramic shop, see the white porcelain utensils a variety of exquisite shape, elegant decoration, including incense, tea, there are also some white porcelain ornaments, vases, statues, and other ancient celebrities like fairy. Its body was white, the surface is a transparent glaze, glaze with Taizhi dense, clear etc.. These wall painted white porcelain with mountains and rivers, flowers, birds and animals, four stories, and decorated with celebrity calligraphy, quite artistic appreciation value. The shopkeeper said: "the use of white porcelain is the most common, the white lines smooth, moist, exquisite carving. As a handicraft, its market price ranges from several hundred yuan to ten thousand yuan. The price of some craft masters has been rising year after year due to limited issuance, and some products have exceeded 100 million yuan. Indeed, with the increasing demand for contemporary art ceramics and the frequent exchange of foreign art, the "Chinese white" in Dehua porcelain is becoming more and more known by the world, and its collection market is also gradually rising. Dehua white porcelain raw materials exhaustion, according to the experts, Dehua white porcelain burning raw materials are gradually drying up. High purity and rich in vitreous Daiyun mountain clay, is a major cause of Dehua porcelain white, translucent, with thousands of years of continuous development, has made high-quality porcelain clay becomes scarce. In the past few years, the ordinary kaolin was only 300 yuan to 500 yuan per ton, and now the price has risen by more than 10 times. In addition, the skillful porcelain craftsmen are not many, so the best "Chinese white" works are less and less, and the appreciation space is also widely favored by the collection circle. "Compared to Jingdezhen, Longquan kiln porcelain" known ", Dehua porcelain collection market has not yet fully formed, the collection value has not been fully excavated." A white porcelain of the author said: "ten years ago, Dehua porcelain collection group is very small, most people have little to the collection known, in recent years the attention of Dehua porcelain collectors more slowly, especially some businessmen specialized collection of Dehua porcelain, they tend to have a higher starting point, but also from abroad real shot." At present, the value of modern porcelain arts and crafts is increasing, and the collection group is gradually expanding. So, for the first entering collectors, where should the collection of modern porcelain begin? According to the insiders, collectors should not rush to play. They should see more (exhibitions), take more places and listen to more experience. Besides knowing the material and workmanship of porcelain, they should also analyze the situation of the author. For those who just entered the collectors, they should not care about the size and price, but choose the outstanding themes and craft works. They can also start with daily porcelain products, such as tea sets and bowls. The price of such porcelain is relatively low, and it can also beautify the home. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun) 德化白瓷价格攀升 收藏价值进一步被挖掘–江西频道–人民网 原标题:德化白瓷价格攀升 收藏价值进一步被挖掘   随着收藏理念的转变,现代瓷器以其精美造型、价格合理以及富有升值潜力在收藏市场上日渐火热。而作为中国白瓷的代表――德化瓷,因收藏价值被人进一步挖掘出来,已逐渐走向高端市场。   精品价格连年攀升   中国瓷器制作历史悠久且品种繁多。除了高贵典雅的青花和色彩艳丽的彩瓷外,素雅的白瓷也是人们喜爱的一个品种。虽然白瓷看上去没有斑斓的花纹和艳丽的色彩,但在朴实无华中展示出自然天成的美感。   笔者曾在浦东一家著名陶瓷店里,看到了多款造型精巧、装饰典雅的白瓷器具,包括香炉、茶叶罐等,也有一些白瓷摆件,如花瓶、神仙佛像、古代名人像等。它的瓷胎多为白色,表面为透明釉,具有胎质致密、釉色清亮等特点。这些白瓷的外壁绘有山川河流、四季花草、飞禽走兽、人物故事等,并缀以名人书法,颇具艺术欣赏价值。   该店主说道:“白瓷的使用最为普遍,其质白色润,线条柔顺,雕工精湛。作为工艺品,它的市价从几百元到上万元不等,一些工艺大师的作品由于限量发行,价格连年攀升,有的精品已经突破百万元大关。”确实,随着公众对当代艺术陶瓷的需求增多,加上对外艺术交流频繁,德化瓷中的“中国白”越来越被世人知晓,收藏行情也渐渐火起来。   德化白瓷原料枯竭   据专家介绍,目前德化白瓷烧制原料正逐步走向枯竭。高纯度并富含玻璃质的戴云山脉瓷土,是造成德化瓷白净、透光的主要原因,由于千百年持续开发,已使优质瓷土日渐稀少。前几年,普通高岭土仅为每吨300元至500元,如今价格已上涨10多倍。另外,技艺精湛的瓷匠并不多,所以上佳的“中国白”作品越来越少,升值空间也被收藏界普遍看好。   “相对于景德镇、龙泉窑等瓷器“大腕”来说,德化瓷的收藏市场还未完全成型,收藏价值还没有被充分挖掘出来。”一位白瓷研究者对笔者说:“十几年前,德化瓷收藏群体很小,多数人对有年代的藏品知之甚少,这几年关注德化瓷的藏家慢慢多起来,尤其是一些商人专门收藏德化瓷,他们往往起点较高,有的还从国外拍得真品。”   目前,现代瓷器工艺品的价值正在提升,收藏群体也逐渐扩大。那么,对于初入行的收藏者来说,收藏现代瓷器应从哪里入手?业内人士建议,收藏者不要急于出手,要多看(展览)、多走(产地)、多听(经验),除了知悉瓷器的材质、做工外,还要结合作者的情况来分析。对于刚入行的收藏者,买东西不要在乎大小、价格,而要选择主题突出、工艺不错的作品,也可以从日用瓷精品如茶具、碗盘等入手,这类瓷器的价格相对较低,而且还可以美化家居。 (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章: