Cheating ah, Liu Zhenyun’s one top ten thousand was made into such a daughter

Cheating ah, Liu Zhenyun’s "one top ten thousand" was made into a daughter so Liu Zhenyun’s novels into films, before this is almost a quasi. The old partner Feng Xiaogang natural needless to say, the "mobile phone" of the novel characters looks vivid, insight into all sorts of social change under the heart variable side. Huang Jianxin beat "please praise me", the metaphor and irony of all the books take very straightforward, so full of bizarre comedy a serious issue. At the moment is about to release, I am not Pan Jinlian, from overseas screenings and some of the city’s point of view of the word of mouth, is basically zero to 2016 in the year’s best domestic film to go. But it seems that the female director and straight atmosphere Liu Zhenyun teacher doesn’t call. Many years ago, a good friend of Ma Liwen shot Liu Zhenyun representative "called Liu Yuejin", a few people mix together the fun was made into a routine, a caricature of a silly. This time, Liu Zhenyun’s most important piece of work, a top ten thousand sentences, and handed a female director in the hands, and then beat the. But even if it is that, to have taken hold, feel the highest quality, who let the director Liu Yulin is his daughter Liu. "One top ten thousand" "Ukiyo-e" poster for the film, I of this department also is looking forward to. The story itself is full of gimmicks to play "cuckold epic" that inspire people to gossip and desires like publicity slogans, but also claims that its discussion between people close and alienated interesting proposition. The film production team looks very reliable. You see, this is the representative of Liu Zhenyun won the Mao Dun prize for literature works, the text bottoming out there, Liu also personally penned the screenwriter, make people full of confidence. Secondly, Liu Yulin’s record is good, the New York University of science film, although the young director’s debut, but she won the "door god" won the Oscar prize for best narrative film student short film unit. So Liu like all love to show off their own children do as parents, tell you on various occasions, "Chinese two men like Oscar, one is Ang Lee, the director of Oscar; a rain Lin, is a student of Oscar." Liu Yulin was exposed to this circle, monasteries under the group of the team are mature at least technically, not careless. Three cast looks reassuring. Although there is no red big actors, but Bei Liu, Wei Fan, Li Qian, you are acting solid, familiar face, kind and down to earth feeling. In particular, Bei Liu and Wei Fan, played a lot of cooperation between the film and the film, and even a bit authentic "spokesperson" of the taste of the film, and so on, and the performance of the "" of the film. "A top ten thousand words of" the movie stills, I can only say that the word "cheating", in which field, so it is logical to become law. Liu Yulin is really hard "the pit" was his father’s best work, put a good text into a mediocre idea on boring old-fashioned century 90s drama that visual sense. Can not say how bad, but a new first movie shoot this old movie without aura, really disappointing. So I understand why it started in September and went to the movies.相关的主题文章: