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By abandoning consumption upgrade: small car price volume fell cliff type auto – Sohu "most car prices on the small car market made a strategic judgment, less investment in research and development of new products, the original models just as the cumulative base of customers." September 14th, a car prices executives on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. Small car in the eyes of many car prices, sales and profits are not contributors, but in order to snatch young customers for the first time to buy a car, that is, the so-called base disk customers, plans for future consumer upgrades. According to the China Automotive Industry Association released in August sales data, Chinese car sales growth in the first 8 months of this year, more than two digits, far more than expected. But the small car market sales fell sharply in August sales fell even reached 31%, the fastest decline in the automotive market segments. Small car market is shrinking car prices are reluctant to invest in a new type of car is an important reason, but the new car market is too small, which in turn led to a further loss of the overall market for small cars. "Small cars after a few years of price war, bicycle profits low, with the upgrade of consumption, although the price is cheap, but consumers do not like these products." These people say. SUV and two small car market hot and cold, is the result of market choice. A Guangzhou car sales person in charge said: "the upgrading of consumption is an inevitable trend of automobile market, car prices follow the trend, such as in the past is a small car power, now is the largest share of the A-class car, maybe the future is B car." Shrinking market accelerated in 2011, the small car market is still growing, the share of the market segment is growing, but growth has slowed. That year, China’s A0 class car sales reached 2 million 185 thousand and 100, an increase of 7.6%, accounting for the domestic car market share of 21.6%. Soon, however, a turning point appeared. 2012, A0 class car sales growth of only 0.3%, much lower than the overall growth rate of the car market, A0 class car sales of 2 million 197 thousand and 100 units, the market share of the market segment began to decline in the. But this time, some models in sales on the historical peak, car three car sales reached 262 thousand and 100 vehicles, Rena three car year sales volume reached 207 thousand and 100 units, composed of the first echelon. Second echelon members annual sales are only about 100 thousand, a larger gap. At this point, it is a joint venture car prices dropping large, crowded living space when there is no independent brand. Because of the joint venture brand in the B car and the A-class car competition more fully, this time dropping, many car companies only to size, price and profit are the key issues to consider. The price war promoted the soaring sales of some models, some need to price models, sales quickly reduced. Car three car average monthly sales of nearly 22 thousand vehicles, Rena three car average monthly sales volume of nearly 17 thousand vehicles, this event does not appear again. This sales has been called the legend of small cars, sales began to decline sharply. In the first half of 2013, small car market sales began to decline, down 2.7%. 2013)相关的主题文章: