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Build-Muscle Exercises for Muscle Gain in Your Arms Arms have three muscle groups that are really worked on; the forearms, triceps, and biceps. Below are the most re.mended exercises out of the many that can be used for arm muscle development. Biceps * Bicep Curls:Since they are easy to do from both sitting and standing positions, these are great exercises for arm muscle growth. Using a weight in both hands, point the palms forward, slowly lift the left hand to the shoulder and slowly back again. Using the other hand, repeat the process. * Preacher Curls: Have somebody hand you a weight while you sit with upper arms resting on a preacher bench palms up. Bring down the weight until the arm has been straightened out on the bench. Stretching of the muscles should be allowed. Move slowly to bring the weight to your shoulder, then slowly back down. * Bicep Concentration Curls: While you sit at the edge of the bench, keep your legs spread. Put the dumbbell between your legs while you sit on the floor. Grab firmly with your left hand after stretching it toward the dumbbell. You will need to stabilize your upper body by grabbing the right knee with the right hand, while you then touch the left elbow to the left knee. In a slow deliberate motion, lift the dumbbell to your chest and then back to the original point. * Bicep Incline Curls:Be sitting on an incline bench. In a slow motion, place a dumbbell in both hands while they are turned sideways, then lift to the chest and return the weight to its starting point. * Triceps Push Downs: Standing in front of an overhead pulley, look for a small attached bar. Make sure the weight setting is for the amount you want to push. Grasp the bar with the palms down and elbows bent, then slowly push down in a motion that will really squeeze the triceps. The bar should be allowed to .e back up as your release, slowly, your force against it. Triceps * Triceps Dumbbell Extensions: While you stand up straight, take a dumbbell in your hand, and reach upward. The weight should be brought behind the head in an arc until reaching a 90 degree angle, then returned to the start.. * Barbell Extensions: Again, you will lift in an arc, bringing the elbow to a right angle, these will be similar to Tricep Dumbbell Extension, only with weight in both hands. Forearms * Wrist Curls: A good method for developing forearms is through wrist curls. Choose a desired weight setting and use a wrist curl machine. As you grasp the bar in your hand, lift the wrist upward, then return to the first position. Injury risk is very reduced using the machine, but you can also do these with a free weight. Arm muscle building tips * Exercises: These exercises should not be attempted until you know how to do then properly. A professional trainer should be consulted while planning your routine. You should begin your muscle building training with lighter weights. Too much weight disrupts balance during an exercise and can lead to injury. It is important to keep the repetitions intense and use high set numbers. Strength gains will be more rapid and apparent than muscle growth. * Diet: Just as important is a good diet in supporting arm muscle growth. It is best for your diet to contain foods high in protein, along with essential fatty acids and green vegetables. Don’t neglect salads, as well as many low carb, low calorie foods. A certified dietician, if available, is a great resource in putting together your diet. * Sufficient Rest: Usually it is believed that exercise and a healthy diet are all that you need to build muscle. That is not really it. Also needed is rest. Workout time is not when your muscles grow. Muscles heal at rest, and this is when growth occurs. Whenever possible, try to nap during the day, as a .pliment to getting eight solid hours of sleep. While your workouts may be focusing on arm muscle, please don’t ignore the other muscle groups in your body. The entire body should be given attention, just spend a little more on your arms. Do you want to look for more information about build muscles? Please visit the muscle gaining program . They are proven programs of step-by-step guide to help you build mass muscle. Please click the reviews for more… Read the review on muscle gaining secrets for more. Read the No Nonsense Muscle Building Review for more. Read the Muscle Gain Truth Review for more. Read the 7 Minute Muscle Review for more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: