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Breast cancer, don’t panic, three attitude to help you go through the Sohu health 2016 "Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Month" is nearing completion, in the month not only hospital experts, there are many drug manufacturers even underwear, cosmetics, health care products companies are actively involved in breast cancer and breast health the campaign, almost entire October all pink, and the overwhelming information inevitably dazzling. Recently, Tianjin Tumour Hospital professor Zhang Jin said, for the people, as long as the scientific view of the disease, to maintain a good state of mind can be three. The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness month is not afraid of a psychology professor Zhang Jin said, although the incidence of breast cancer in China has been ranked first in female malignant tumor, but the mortality rate is low compared with other malignant tumors, only ranked sixth in the cause of death in cancer. Now, with the continuous progress of diagnosis and treatment technology, if the early detection of breast cancer, the patient’s five year survival rate of more than 90%, II and III breast cancer patients with a survival rate of up to 10 years. In some patients with advanced recurrence and metastasis, the survival time can be prolonged by targeted drugs. Tianjin Tumour Hospital breast cancer patients in the past five years disease-free survival rate of more than 90% years, the total survival of ten years to reach 80%. The disease-free survival rates of the patients with early stage breast cancer in 5 and 10 years were 98.2% and 94.5%, respectively. Therefore, although all tumors, but the impact of breast cancer on the life of patients is relatively small, we can relax, do not be afraid. Two don’t panic mentality for each kind of cancer, medical experts will describe some features of high-risk breast cancer is no exception. Now that a family history of breast cancer, a history, a history of benign breast diseases and the unmarried, elder primipara, breast-feeding, early menarche, menopause age, obesity, high intake of estrogen? And other groups are at high risk of breast cancer. But it should be clear that high-risk people with cancer can not be equated, so even with multiple risk factors, don’t panic. The correct approach is to seek the help of professional doctors, regular physical examination or regular screening of breast cancer. At present, for breast cancer screening in addition to known palpation, and imaging examination. Expert advice should be preferred B-ultrasound in the population under the age of 35 in China; 35 women over the age of the best year to do a regular breast X-ray examination, for X-ray in gland density more than 50% of women also need B-ultrasound; recommend breast X-ray combined with ultrasound in breast MRI or on the basis of a family history of breast cancer. No children, early menarche or late menopause breast cancer in high-risk population. Mentality three do not give up here is not to give up is not to give up the breast after the diagnosis of breast cancer. With the progress of medical technology, there have been many early patients can be in the treatment of breast cancer while preserving the breast, the specific method of breast conserving surgery and breast reconstruction. Breast conserving surgery is based on the lesion to remove some of the lesions of the gland tissue, retain the remaining normal glandular tissue, and axillary lymph nodes相关的主题文章: