Baby in the end is pregnant Huang Xiaoming call very dizzy!

Baby in the end is pregnant? Huang Xiaoming: call very dizzy! Tencent (the entertainment news video of Zhao Zhenzong Qin Fuqiang) after the day before Mrs. Angelababy came to Tangshan to attend the award nomination, this morning (September 24th) Huang Xiaoming after attending the Silk Road Festival night arrived here, his new film "the King brand publicity with ACE". Due to the time schedule is very close, Huang Xiaoming admitted that he slept only two hours a night, can obviously feel the stage is very tired Huang Xiaoming. But, even so, Huang Xiaoming is still very tight lipped, asked his wife if she is pregnant the topic, Huang Xiaoming just smiled, continue to remain silent. The movie "trump card" by Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng, starring Junjie Mao. A few days ago, the show has been held in various parts of the country have been more than a press conference. As the film festival held in Tangshan, the "trump card" the funny ace two starring Huang Xiaoming and Junjie Mao are here today, to participate in the premiere conference held here. A day earlier, the Silk Road Film Festival held in Xi’an, Huang Xiaoming also appeared in the film festival. According to him, after the end of the festival, he flew from Xi’an to Tangshan on the night. "To Tangshan is three in the morning, sleep is at the end of the day, the morning of at about six. A total of two hours sleep." A look of tired of Huang Xiaoming revealed that the two days of tense trip to reporters. "However, I can sleep anytime, anywhere, on the car, the elevator can squint for a while, can be counted on for half an hour." However, talking about his cooperation with Andy Lau, and the spirit of the spirit of Huang Xiaoming, and that is the King ah, I can cooperate with him and I flew into the crew. I don’t care what I’m doing." Huang Xiaoming, himself in the film as a robber and Andy Lau’s exploration of a large number of scenes embarrassed. "And we also discussed with the director asked to add a ’emotional drama’, riding a bike, drinking coffee, very romantic." Nevertheless, when it comes to what is the "trump card", Huang Xiaoming laughed, "I do not actually in the film ‘trump card’, I was playing the ‘funny’." In addition to the film, as the day before Angelababy also came to Tangshan, the news about whether she has been pregnant media attention. The site also has a media about this question to Huang Xiaoming, under repeated questioning, Huang Xiaoming still smiling without words, until he finally began to break the silence said, "what I said, you are going to write, so I didn’t talk, talk about the movie." It is reported that the movie trump card trick will be released on October 1st.相关的主题文章: